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{I felt happy as I walked on platform 12 next to the legend that was the Orient Express. Travelling on this train was my life’s dream and I could see the steam puffing it all seemed real. Out of the cloud of steam walked a guy who looked straight and me and gave me the kind of smile I would normally use on a woman, so I looked behind, but there wasn’t a soul, I gave him a slight nod.~As I walked down the platform towards my compartment on the Orient Express it out a huge cloud of steam; a spectacular sight, a tall guy stepped from behind the steam and looked straight at me. He smiled I looked to see who he was smiling at. I am not used to other men giving me such a smile, but there was no one behind me. I simply nodded and made my way to my coupe.~After lots of saving and patient waiting, I finally found myself walking up to the legendary Orient Express to embark on a journey of a lifetime. I waited for that well known cloud of steam and sure, there it blew o ver the platform. I watched in awe, and a man stepped out of the haze. He shot a smile in my direction, I looked back to see who the girl could be but there was no one. I stiffened in discomfort and gave him a slight nod.}

{With great excitement I pushed open my compartment door, only to find the same man who smiled at me, sprawled over his bunk. I felt an immediate sense of discomfort but kept polite by shaking his hand. In the back of my mind I knew that this was going to be a very interesting 24 hours.~As I entered the luxury room, there he was, with that bright smile again. I immediately felt a strange uncomfortable feeling creep down my spine, but introduced myself politely. This was going to be very interesting.~Finally I opened the door to my dream compartment – well sort of, I still had to share it with someone. My heart sank as I found the same man hanging up his coat. We shook hands politely and went on settling into our space.}

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{The afternoon turned out to be two men sharing laughs and a lot of whiskey. We got really drunk and enjoyed each others company. At some stage I took a shower as did he. Dressed only in towels, we moved close to each other as we prepared our separate beds.~We filled the afternoon with guy talk, laughing, and two bottles of whiskey, both very drunk and very happy, I went to take a shower and so did he. We returned to the cabin together and he brushed his body against mine as he walked past me.~My worries soon evaporated as he turned out to be a real mans man, he stayed with me shot for shot as we polished off two bottles of whiskey. We laughed and had a ball. Evening came so we showered and prepared for bed.}

{After another bottle, we stood up together as if instructed and he bumped into me. For a moment we simply looked at each other and then he planted a kiss right on my mouth. Dizzy from shock and the drinking, I froze for a moment, then kissed him back.~In the cabin, we drank more and as I stood up to go to sleep, he stood up too. In the confined space he simply leaned over and kissed me hard, with a wanting that made me feel dizzy. I held back for moment then kissed him back just as hard.~Feeling quite comfortable, we simply kept our towels on and finished another half bottle. Standing up at the same moment our heads nearly collided. We stared into each others eyes for a second, then he closed his, leaned in and kissed me. I grabbed him and pulled him closer.}

{Within minutes we were exploring each other’s bodies with eager hands. A strange feeling of power swept over me as I realized my actions, and my stiff cock turned on to another man like this.~Our towels dropped as we explored each other’s bodies with unsure hands at first, but soon with determination. I felt a surge of power jolt through my body as this man responded to my hands, my tongue and my hardness.~Our hands moved with hunger for flesh, stripped naked we felt each other. In my drunk state I felt like the most powerful man in the world; seducing another man. I fell into this fantasy and turned on the heat.}

{Skillfully he licked my whole body and showed me places where I enjoyed being sucked I was prepared to take it all the way. My throbbing cock soon disappeared into his mouth –a certain first for me, but it felt great.~His hot tongue tasted every inch of my body, sucking my nipples and playing with my cock. Never before has any man seen my cock hard, let alone sucked me off, this was pure magic.~He responded by giving me the blow job of my life. I always knew men would know exactly how to please other men and I was right. His hot tongue took me to another dimension of lust.}

{He lubricated my cock and slipped it inside him with ease. I was enchanted with his muscular body and how it reacted to being fucked, so I gave him my best. I could not help but compare this appreciative man to my fiancé who lay there like a corpse and constantly pushed my hands away from her breasts.~I slowly penetrated him and watched the muscles on his back jump into action, I screwed him hard and deep. His entire body showing how he loved every second of it This was such a different experience to fucking my lifeless fiancé.~My lubricated cock slipped deep inside him and I was amazed at how much pleasure he derived from being fucked, so I fucked him half senseless. He stayed with me all the way, shouting encouragement. For a moment my mind went to my half dead fiancé who barely tolerated me inside her}

{This man clearly loved having me inside him and was not afraid to show it. I let him have it good and we tumbled all over the room, fucking in almost every position we could find. As I grew close, he slipped my cock inside his mouth and I drained my balls. He treated my spunk like royal jelly, swallowing every drop.~We fucked like animals – loud and hard. He squeezed my hard cock with his anal muscles and drove me even wilder. I felt my climax building and he could sense it. Like a serpent, he pulled himself from me and slipped down to take my full load down his throat, swallowing greedily. I felt his warm cum spread over my legs as he joined in the moment.~This man lusted after me like I always wanted somebody to, so we screwed for hours all over the compartment. Finally I felt my balls exploding, but before I could shoot a drop, he was down there eagerly lapping up every squirt, I let him have it all.}

{We passed out and when I awoke, he had left without a word of good bye. I staggered off the train to meet my fiancé and as I walked towards her, the resentment towards her as a terrible lover and controlling bitch took hold of my heart; things were going to change~Exhausted we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to an empty compartment. He disembarked in the night. I got off and walked towards the waiting girl and saw her for the first time for the inhibited and controlling bitch she was. My life changed during that dark and passionate night shared with a strange man as we sped down the tracks.~Sweaty and drained of every drop, I simply rolled over and only woke up when I heard the train stopping at my destination. My roommate was gone. I scrambled off the train to see my fiancé waving at me. I immediately knew that I would never fuck her lifeless body again. My Orient Express journey had brought me into the right station.}

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