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{Cat Fighting Story – How Ninja started her Cat Fighting Club~Cat Fighting Story – Ninja starts her Catfighting Club~Cat Fighting Story – How Ninja’s Catfight Club began}

{She was of Chinese origin. She lived in the Bronx. Alone. Because of the slight greenish tinge on her skin, people automatically started calling her Ninja. Her name was helped by the fact that she was quick as lightning on her feet. In time she became a thief, much dreaded in the by-lanes of the Bronx.~No one knew where Ninja came from but her looks made it apparent was she was Asian. Also, just like those Ninja Turtles, she had a mysterious greenish glow on her skin. She had made the Bronx her playground for her criminal activities. Yes, she was a thief – a very quick and stealthy one at that – and she terrorized the Bronx.~This is the story of Ninja and how her catfight club began in the back alleys of the Bronx. There is nothing known about where Ninja came from, except that she was probably Chinese. What people most vividly remember about her is her green skin. And that she was a thief – a very sly one at that. She was called Ninja because of the light! ning speed with which she carried out her mean tasks.}

{But the Bronx isn’t a place where you become a thief and are left alone. As Ninja snatched more and more purses, burglarized more houses than she could count and even broke into a few shopping establishments, people became wary of the shadow-footed thief. They didn’t know who it was – they just knew the thief was too fast for them.~However, you cannot be a loner in the Bronx, whatever you do. Ninja wasn’t left alone to do her thing too. As her infamy spread, people began rumoring about the mysterious green thief that burglarized their houses at night. But they were certainly at a loss as to how they could book this sly thief.~But the Bronx is never a thing where you can do your thing and won’t be watched. Ninja didn’t get the seclusion either. As Ninja began thieving more and more, her popularity began to spread. People became cautious of this thief who they till then did not know who they were, except the fact that they were very fast for them.}

{The Bronx has a big underbelly. If Ninja was at the height of her popularity, it didn’t mean other criminals were sleeping. They were just lying dormant. Watching. Watching who it was that was quicker than them. And the one who was watching the most was Sasha.~And the Bronx is not a lonely place even for the criminals. Other no-gooders were watching Ninja’s every move. One of these people was Sasha.~The Bronx cannot leave you alone – it is impossible. Ninja worked alone, but she was watched by the other criminal eyes of the place. After all, she was directly robbing them of their wealth. Other thieves were watching here. The most prominent of these was Sasha.}

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{Sasha had done well as a thief too. Her beautiful Russian looks – auburn hair and pearl white skin – glowed in the night light, but there was a thief under that pristine visage. Now she felt threatened. She wanted to find out who was stealing her bread and butter.~Sasha had been a thief also. She was of Russian origin and was a very beautiful thief with her reddish hair and her almost pale skin. She looked too ethereal to be a thief, but a thief she certainly was. When she knew about Ninja, she did not like it. She was immediately on her guard.~Sasha’s peak of thievery had been threatened by the presence of Ninja on the scene. Yes, Sasha was a thief, and a very beautiful one that too. She had the fairest skin one could ever see on a human and she had almost flaming red hair. She had raw Russian looks that really set her apart from everyone else. She was quite alert about this threat called Ninja.}

{So Sasha prowled the alleys of the Bronx, lying in wait. And then one night, she saw her. It was a direct confrontation. She nabbed Ninja as she was trying to break into a house. The fight became ugly. Green and white skin intertwined in combat. They scratched and punched. Oblivious to them, people gathered on the scene, cheering them on.~She found a pattern in Ninja’s visits and then, one night, she saw her in the act. Ninja was just preparing to break into a house. Sasha pounced over her and clawed her. Ninja was startled, but then she gave back what she got. It was a great sight – two lithe beauties, one green-skinned and one white-skinned, in mortal combat. They didn’t know it then, but a crowd of men gathered to see them in their catfight.~She began tracking Ninja down, through her criminal activities, and then she found there was a pattern about her. And, one night, when Ninja was in the middle of her act, Sasha literally pounced upon her. It was a brutal fight after that. Ninja gave back exactly what she got. The green and white skins began tearing at each other. Their grunts and screams brought a crowd of men at the place.}

{“She is your thief,” Sasha said to the men when she saw them, tugging Ninja by her hair. “Now she’s yours.”~Sasha saw the men. “Here’s the thief that’s been terrorizing you.” She held Ninja by her hair and presented her. “Do what you want with her.”~The men began hooting. Sasha saw them. “This is the thief,” she declared, bringing Ninja forward by her hair. “She’s all yours now.”}

{“No, we want to watch you fight. Fight, scratch your eyes out,” the men leered.~“We just want to see you catfighting her! Go on; give her your best!” the men cried in unison.~“No, don’t break up the catfight,” the men said. “We want to see you pulling her hair out.”}

{And so the fight resumed. The crowd that gathered was huge. Then one man said, “We know you both are thieves. But we let you go if you promise us these catfights here every night. The day you stop, we hand you over.”~Sasha jumped at the chance. They began fighting again. More men collected below. And then one of them said, “You are both thieves! We could call the cops her right now and have you arrested. But if you give us these catfights every night, we won’t.” All men voiced their agreement.~At this, both the ladies resumed their fight. They began scratching and clawing at each other, even as the men goaded them on. Then, suddenly, one man said, “You are both criminals. We can hand you to the police right now. But we won’t. Just promise us you will give us these catfights here every night.” All men began cheering the man who said this.}

{So it all began. Ninja first fought with Sasha and then the men kept bringing different women for her to fight with. Ninja started her own catfighting club in the back alleys of the Bronx.~They had to comply. In time Ninja took over. She catfought Sasha every night first and then some other women came when they realized the men had begun tipping handsomely. Thus began one of the seediest catfighting clubs in the Bronx.~This was how the catfighting club began. First it was only Ninja and Sasha who fought each other. Then, when the men began throwing tips, other women joined the fray too. Bronx now had its own catfighting club.}

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