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{When I got married to Betty, she was quite coy. She was from a small town where even coed schools were unheard of. We had met in a restaurant quite by chance, I liked her, I proposed and we married. I was smitten by her looks. But what I didn’t anticipate was that I would need to break her in more than I thought during the wedding.~Betty was quite shy when I married her. She was a townie and was totally ignorant about sex. I was so enamored by her looks that I did not think this could be a problem. Only when we got married did I realize that this was a huge problem. She wasn’t the least bit interested in sex.~When I married Betty, I did not know that she would so very shy about sex. She was brought up in a town where they didn’t speak about sex at all. Sex was taboo where she came from. Initially I loved that coyness about her, and that was what made me marry her. But, to my dismay, she remained scared of sex even after our wedding.}

{To put it in short, Betty did not know anything about sex. Yes, it is difficult for most of us to believe that, but here we are talking about a girl who has never been exposed to anything sexually. She was quite young too, just 19 when we married. I did not know this would be a problem. She just wouldn’t respond.~Actually, she just didn’t know what to do. Sex frightened her, even talking about it. Most of us wouldn’t think that could be possible, but yes Betty was such. Only 19 when we got married, Betty was totally unaware of the sexual act. When I approached her, she would just shy away or act panicky. I would have to give up.~It was a very depressing situation for me. Sex simply scared her. She became all sweaty and nonresponsive. She was quite young too, just 19, and I was afraid I would hurt her because she did not want it. I had no way with her. I was left unsatisfied, night after night.}

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{When I was in my pangs of depression for sweet Betty’s sexual nonchalance, one of my buddies told me to show her movies online. I thought that would be a great idea. Renting movies could have been too bold for her, but showing her some short clips on the Internet could work. I decided to give it a try.~Quite understandably, I was depressed. Then a friend told me a way out. He told me to try seducing her with online movies. He told me seeing things in action and that other people do it will break her in. I had no option anyway. I decided to give this a try. My friend had told me explicitly not to rent a cassette because that would scare her; he had told me to just show her a small clip online.~It started affecting me mentally. I was beginning to fall ill, and then a friend told me a way out. He told me to try online movies. He said they would bring home the message to her without scaring her. He told me to show her a short clip – not rent full movies – and ! that would help to break her in. Since I had no way out anyway, I considered it.}

{That night, I put on a porn movie channel I had registered on before my marriage, downloaded a clip and played it on mute. Then I went to the other room where Betty was and told her to fetch something that was kept next to the computer. She went, obediently.~I was used to such online sites. In fact, I had registered on a few of them before our marriage. Now, after quite a few weeks, I logged in to one of them again. I selected a good couple sex clip and downloaded it. Then I let it play and put the speakers off. Betty was in the other room. I went to her and told her to get me something from the PC desk.~I had registered on a porn movie site before our wedding. That night, when Betty was in the other room, I logged in and downloaded a nice couple sex clip. When I got it, I played it on mute. Then I went to where Betty was and told her to get something that was next to the computer. She went without a suspicion in her mind.}

{I had already expected what would happen. It happened to the T.~I knew what was going to happen. It happened just like that.~I had anticipated what would happen. It happened just as I thought.}

{Betty entered the room, took the thing I had asked her to fetch, then saw the screen. She was first dumbfounded, then intrigued, then curious and then she sat down on the chair. I went in after five minutes and saw her staring interestedly at the screen.~Betty got into the room, got the thing I had told her to and then her eyes fell on the screen. She was scared initially, but the solitude of the room emboldened her. She was now curious and then sat down to watch. After a few minutes, I entered the room. She was intently watching the clip.~Betty came in, took the thing I told her to get and then her gaze fell on what was playing on the screen. She was initially scared, as usual. But then because there was no one else in the room, she kept watching. Fascination slowly welled up inside her and she was interested. She did not know when she sat down on the chair, watching the show. Seeing that, I entered.}

{There were no words, either on the screen or off it. I put my hand on hers. With my experience, I could tell she was aroused. On screen, a woman was sucking a man’s cock and giving an expression of extreme satisfaction. I was standing; Betty was sitting. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. I pressed it against Betty’s cheek. She would have been alarmed normally, but not today. The online movie had done the trick.~The clip was muted and we didn’t speak either. I touched her arm. She was aroused. I knew it. This was the right moment. I stood beside her and unzipped my trousers. There was an oral sex scene playing. I took my penis out. She didn’t flinch. I pressed it against her cheek. She didn’t get scared. I knew the online movie was working its charm.~There wasn’t any voice anywhere, neither onscreen nor offscreen. I simply touched her arm. I could tell she was aroused. She was sitting; I was standing next to her. I went right beside her and lo! wered my shorts. She was intently watching the screen and then she saw my erection coming out. She didn’t get scared this time. The movie had worked. I touched my penis on her cheek.}

{She allowed me to guide my penis into her mouth. She didn’t clench her teeth. She took it in.~She did not say anything as I guided my cock to her lips. She didn’t hold her mouth shut tight. She allowed me to put it right in.~Slowly, taking my time, I guided my penis to her lips. She did not retaliate by keeping her mouth shut. Instead, she opened her mouth slowly and took it in.}

{Half an hour later, we were on the bed – naked, wet and satisfied. The online movie was still going on. She looked at me and smiled. I got the sign. I mounted her once more.~After 30 minutes, we were both on bed, completely unclothed and satisfied. The movie was still playing. I got a smile from Betty. Happily, I climbed on her soft, naked body again.~A half hour later, we were wet and naked on the bed. The movie was still going on. Betty smiled at me, quite pleased with herself. I was pleased too. I mounted her sexy naked body once again.}

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