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{She had probably only come for casual chat, but then she walked right into our bedroom and caught us in the act. Don’t be surprised we are quite neighborly and all and have even given copies of our house keys to each other. And it was 3 in the afternoon. You cannot blame Tyla for suspecting we would be fucking each other at that hour~Most probably she hadn’t been looking for anything more than some usual banter when she walked into our house. But then she walked directly into our bedroom and caught me fucking my wife. Actually, it isn’t all that oddshe’s been our neighbor for all these years and we trust each other so much that we also have the keys to each other’s houses. Also, no one would expect their neighbors would be fucking each other at 3 in the afternoon So how could Tyla?~When our neighbor Tyla walked into our apartment that day, she might have been only looking to chat with us some, as we usually did. It was three in the afternoon. No t finding us in the hall, she must have come up to our bedroom. And that’s where it all started she caught us fucking. It was a really odd moment being caught fucking my wife by my neighbor woman.}

{Tyla is a great girl and I have had my lusty eye on her for long. But then my wife Sonya is great too and I have never felt the need to be adulterous. But now looking at her standing at the door while I was fucking my woman made me real hot.~Tyla’s a great neighbor and a sexy one too She has made me like her. But I am faithfully married to Sonya and wouldn’t want to cheat. However, today it was different. I was there fucking my wife and she walks in. The moment was steamily hot~But I have been fascinated by Tyla since long too. This girl knows how to flaunt her sexuality. However, I have never stumbled. That’s because I love my wife Sonya and I don’t need an affair with the neighbor’s wife. But this was different she had walked in on us. It was a moment full of sexual tension at least for me.}

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{I am sure she was standing there for quite some time before she made that inaudible snort. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Carry on,” she laughed. It was the laugh that did it for me.~She might have been standing there for a while. Then she saidI am sorry, please carry on. And then she giggled. Well, it was that giggle that excited me.~Surely Tyla stood at our door watching us for sometime before she let out that low cough. We turned in her direction. She said, ”Don’t worry, I saw nothing.” And then she let out a laugh. Well, it was that laugh that really got me.}

{“Oh, come on in,” I said. “Excuse us, we will be just a minute.” Sonya was staring at me. My dick was still inside her cunt.~I said No, come in. We are just finished My wife was still staring wide eyed at me. I had her pussy still filled with my cock.~I asked her to come in and sit and that we were already done.Well, what was I thinking, and my wife was staring at me as though I’d gone soft in the head. My dick was still throbbing inside her cunt.}

{“It’s all right, I’ll get moving,” she said. “Sorry.” And I don’t know what came over me. I just got up naked and went up to Tyla and kissed her right on the lips. Sonya was too shocked to say anything, and so was Tyla… now. Without a word, I guided her on our bed. Sonya actually made place for her~Tyla said No, I’ll go. And she turned to leave. At that moment, something snapped inside me. I simply got off naked to the core walked up to Tyla, held her head and gave her a full kiss on the mouth. It was a shocking moment Sonya was lost for words. Tyla didn’t know how to react. I took advantage of it. I brought Tyla to the bed.~Tyla again mentioned about going. Now, I got up. I walked up to Tyla, not conscious that I was completely naked. Then I grabbed Tyla’s head and gave her a kiss full on her mouth. And then no one could say anything. My wife was probably too shocked for words. Maybe even Tyla. I just took her arm and brought her to the bed.}

{In the next two minutes, I had two naked women on my bed, my fingers in their pussies and my dick all over them.~Within a minute, I was looking at two wonderfully naked ladies and was fingering their cunts and lashing my dick everywhere on their bodies.~What happened after that is too unbelievable. I was looking at two luscious pussies on my bed. I was running my fingers in them. I was beating their naked asses with my cock.}

{But what really surprised me was that the women were enjoying each other. I didn’t react. It made me horny absolutely horny to see them licking each other’s pussies. They spread their wet cunts obscenely in my face and went on slurping and licking each other. The two dolls lay close, very close, to each other and kissed each other on the lips. Their pussies were oozing juice.~However, something different was happening. I saw that the two ladies began having fun… with each other. But I wasn’t complaining this was immensely turning me on. They licked each other’s cunts. They lay there on the bed with their cunts wet and exposed and went on French kissing each other. The wetness of their pussies was now spreading all over.~There was another undercurrent. The two girls were playing with each other. It excited me no end to see them lick each other’s pussies. They lay on bed and felt each other’s bodies. Their cunts were extremely moist now.}

{I didn’t know which cunt to take first. I tried Tyla’sit was the newer one. Beautiful, just beautiful. This was a tight cunt tighter than Sonya’s and warmer. But Sonya’s was smoother and so I switched cunts.~I had two pussies laid out for me. I had to choose. I chose Tyla’s for the sake of novelty. And it was a fantastic cunt. Tight and warm. Different from Sonya’s. But Sonya’s was smoother. I entered her.~Well, I had to have my pleasure too. I thought about which pussy I might select. I chose Tyla she was the new one. It was a great cunt warm and tight. Sonya’s was moist and tight. I liked it. But Sonya had a better and smoother one. So I went back to Sonya.}

{I did both of them. I lay spent, on the bed. But the women went on kissing and licking each other. When they came, the bed shuddered.~I made both the ladies happy. Then, after coming twice, once in both the pussies. I laid back and watched the fun. The two dykes went on playing with each other.~I took turns with both of them. Then, exhausted, I sat. But the girls continued playing.}

{It was then that I realized I was the intruder, not our neighbor.~It was then that I understood who the outsider really was.~And it suddenly came to me I was the odd man out.}

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