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{Will a Penis Pump make me a better Lover?~Penis Size and Performance.~Confidence and Penis Size.}

{Probably not, but it certainly will make you a bigger lover. There aren’t too many men who don’t want to possess a bigger penis. We all would like a bigger or faster car, a bigger house, a better paying job; who doesn’t want something that is bigger, faster and better.~Will a bigger penis make you a better lover? The answer is yes, but not for the reasons that you are thinking. It is not for the fact that you have a bigger penis it is because you will have more confidence.~If penis size doesn’t matter why are there over 62million items on the internet concerning penises and their size. Let’s face it, if God offered you a bigger penis you would gratefully accept it. But God doesn’t go around handing them out willy nilly.}

{The same goes for our penis. Your penis is like a muscle, in order to get it erect it has to fill with blood, the more blood that you can get into it the bigger and harder it will be. If you have ever been to a gymnasium you will know that you can make you muscles bigger and harder should you use penis pumps .~Can you increase your penis size with penis pumps ? There are hundreds, if not thousands of programmes available on the internet. If you do a Google search for penis you will find over 62million articles, most of which are related to penis size, or increasing penis size.~So don’t wait for him to tap you on the shoulder and offer you a bigger penis. Besides, the bible says God helps those who help themselves. Get down to your local  Love Shop and make the best investment of your life. A bit of an over statement you say. I don’t think so try their penis pumps.}

{This is achieved by exercising the muscles that you want to enlarge. If you want bigger biceps you do bicep curls, if you want bigger triceps you need to do triceps extensions, each muscle has a different exercise. When you put a group of exercises together we call that a programme.~The most accepted of these programmes involves the use of penis pumps. They do work when used correctly, and will work better in conjunction with the use of penis enlargement pills and creams. I would steer clear of penis extenders, there is too much evidence of damage being caused from their use.~Men with big penises are confident and usually successful, if you could buy a pill that made you more confident in yourself then I am sure that you would agree that with increased confidence comes increased success. Well there are no Confidence Enhancing Pills, but there are Penis Pumps.}

{If you want a bigger penis you need to exercise your penis. There are a number of exercises, which you can put together to develop a programme that will be suitable for you. Not all exercises will work for everybody; it is a matter of trial and error.~Your penis is like a muscle, the more blood you pump into it the bigger it will get. But your body can only pump so much blood into your favourite muscle unassisted. With the help of a penis pump you can pump more blood into your penis.~With a bigger penis comes increased confidence. Penis Pumps do work, used in conjunction with Enhancement Creams and/or Penis Enhancement Pills you are sure to be the proud owner of a larger penis in a relatively short length of time.}

{But be careful with the error, an error can cause you much pain and discomfort, possibly even irrevocable damage. Which exercises or programmes are suitable for you? Penis pumps have been around for nearly as long as the idea of penis enlargement entered mans head.~Ask any gym instructor or fitness expert, if you only go to a gym once a week you will not achieve any noticeable gains. If you train every day, very quickly you will notice that you are reshaping your body. The same goes with your penis.~Your penis reacts like a muscle does to exercise. You make muscles grow by pumping blood into them to make them bigger. The more you exercise a muscle the bigger it will get, but you have to give the muscle time to recover from each exercise session.}

{There are hundreds of penis pumps on the market, so which one do you chose. The first thing that you have to decide is, if it is possible, how big do you want to get. There is no point in buying a pump that has the ability to make you penis 7inches long if you want an 8inch penis.~With regular use of a penis pump and a healthy diet you will quickly achieve your goal, a bigger penis. The more you exercise your penis the bigger it will get, just like your muscles in other parts of your body.~How do you exercise your penis? By using a Penis Pump, and use it regularly. A Penis Pump will cause more blood than normal enter your penises corpuscles thus making them bigger and in turn making your penis bigger.}

{Once You Have selected your penis pump~ Selecting the right penis pump~ The penis pump what an alternative}

{I say if it is possible because like a muscle, the size that you can achieve will be determined by how much effort you put into your exercises, and how much your physiology will allow you to grow.~When exercising your penis with a penis pump you have to have a rest between uses or you won’t achieve the desired results, just like your muscles when going to a gym. You need to give your penis time to recover from any exercise.~The regular use of a Penis Pump will cause you penis to gain in length and girth and the results will be long lasting. Fitness will then have a bearing on how hard your erections will be.}

{Penis pumps do work, and will work better in conjunction with penis enlargement pills and creams. Like Bodybuilding, the more you exercise the bigger you will get. The end result will always be determined by your health.~You will not achieve greater gains by using the penis pump of your choice for hours on end. By using the penis pump in the morning and at night for no more than an hour you are giving your penis enough rest time, and therefore will achieve better results.~A Penis Pump achieves optimum results from regular use, morning and night for no more than an hour each time is recommended. Like the muscles in the rest of your body, your penis needs time to recover from exercise, that is why the regimen of morning and night-time use.}

{With a good diet, and the right exercise programme a penis pump will turn you into the man that you have always wanted to be. With a larger penis you will also find that you will become a more confident, and therefore more popular person.~With a bigger penis you will gain greater confidence in other areas of your life, not just in the bedroom. Imagine what you can do with your life if you had more confidence.~You CAN have a bigger penis, you can have more confidence, and you can be a better lover. A larger penis will increase your confidence and therefore you will experience greater confidence when associating with members of both sexes.}

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