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{Ever wanted to impress a girl with the first thing you said to her? Here are some pick up lines that are guaranteed to blow her off her feet and into your arms, well theoretically at least Practice these lines over and over again, because you never know when you will be needing them at short notice.~Don’t you want to be the stud who impresses girls with great pick up lines? Here are some of the ones that always work well. Well, at least, for all practical reasons they should work. Do you homework on these lines and remember them – you could need them at any moment all of a sudden.~Doesn’t everyone want to impress chicks with the first line they speak to them? If you are looking for some such lines as well, here are some great pick up lines for you. Practice them well, because you might just need them of all of a sudden when you see this beautiful woman standing desolately and you want to make your move.}

{Give her a rose and say, “Can I give you this rose? Because I want to show this rose how beautiful you are” This one works every time.~A very romantic way to approach her is to gift her a rose and then tell her, “May I gift you this rose? I just wanted to show the rose how pretty you are.” Guaranteed to work~Go up to her with a rose and tell her, “May I present you with a rose? This rose wants to know just how beautiful you are” Well, you can be sure you have flattered her already}

{If you meet her in a bar, tell her, “Oh, they might be telling you to leave the bar soon because you are making all the other women look bad.” Or, if you haven’t had your drink yet and see this beautiful chick who can hear you, yell to the bartender, “Dude, I don’t think I will be needing that drink after all. Someone just made me dead drunk.”~If you see this lovely lady in a bar and you want to pick her up, go up to her and tell her, “They may ask you to leave any time now; you’re making every other girl look bad.” In case you have just walked in and haven’t ordered a drink yet and you see this great girl somewhat near you, shout out to the bartender, “Hey man, I won’t need that drink now. I just got drunk on someone.”~If she is standing in a bar, alone, you could go to her and say, “They might ask you to leave here any time now; you are making their other women look unpretty” If the chance arrives when you haven’t had anything to drink yet, and this woman is within earshot, you could say to the bartender, “Hey bro, cancel my drink order. I just got drunk on someone here”}

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{If you are saving a seat for someone and a gorgeous female passes you by, waste no time in telling her, “There you are You are the one I am saving this seat for.” This is an old-fashioned one, but it still works quite well with the gals (especially at night), “Was it just the sun coming out or did you just smile at me?”~There’s a great chance to pick someone up if you have been saving a seat for someone and a beautiful girl passes by. Simply tell her, “There you are at last. I have been saving this seat for you” Even this one works, especially if you use it at night, “Did the sun just peep out or was it you smiling at me?” It is a bit old, but still works big-time.~Sometimes it happens that you are saving a seat for somebody and a gorgeous female walks by. Or maybe there’s no one who you are saving a seat for, but you could pretend. Just put on a highly pleased expression on your face and tell the woman, “Now, here you come You are the o ne whom I was reserving this seat for.” Another one, somewhat old but still effective, is to tell a pretty girl, “Was that the sun peeking out or did you just smile at me?”}

{Girls love to be praised for their beauty. If your pick up lines do that, you are a winner most of the way. Tell her something like, “Can I have your picture? I want to show Santa what I want this Christmas.” She will soon be giggling with you. Or tell her, “Milk is good for the body, but, darn, how much did you drink?”~Every girl likes her man to call her beautiful. If your pick up line does that already, she will soon be eating out of your palm. Tell her, “May I borrow your picture? I have to show that to Santa to tell him what I want from him this Christmas.” You will have her laughing crazily when you tell her that. Or you could tell, “I know milk does well for the body, but gosh, how much did you guzzle?”~It always works if you praise girls for their prettiness. Make sure you choose pick up lines that do that. Check this one – “May I take a picture of you? I need to make my Christmas list to tell Santa what I want this year.” Another o ne – “Yes, milk is great for the body. But, how much have you been having of it?”}

{You can tell when some girl is looking for some hot fun already. For such girls, you need cheesier lines. “Nice pants Can I test that zipper?” can work well when you know a girl is already looking around. Another good one for such a girl would be, “Alright, your ass is fine. How about checking mine now?” Another classic one is, “Fuck me if I am wrong, but didn’t you just want to kiss me?”~Sometimes there are girls who you can tell are already looking for someone. These are the ‘hot and easy’ girls. There are some great pick up lines for them too. Check this one out, “Great pants But did you check that zipper or should I?” Or, just walk by checking her butt and tell her, “Fine, your ass is great. Now, will you check mine?” One that can confuse them is, “Screw me if I make a mistake, but didn’t you just tell something about kissing me?”~If you look with your man’s eyes, you could tell that some girls are already looking for some one to hook up with. These are the ‘come easy’ girls who you can easily put your arm over if you use the right line. Tell such as girl, “Great pants Checked the zipper, or should I?” and she’ll be yours Or, maybe, look at her butt and say, “Fine, your ass is in great shape. Now, would you check mine?” Or, if it is a redneck who you know can be felled down with a feather, confuse her by asking, “Screw me crazy if I am mistaken, but did you just say something about wanting to kiss me?”}

{Then there are lines you must never use. If the pick up line centers on you, it won’t work. An example is, “Hello, my name is Bob. Don’t forget it, you are gonna be screaming it out tonight.” Another thing that doesn’t work is if you indicate that the girl is slutty. “Are you free tonight, or will that cost me?” is a good example of what won’t work.~However, be careful, because there are pick up lines that won’t work at all. All pick up lines that focus on you instead of her will be wasted. A great example of an egotistic line is, “Hi, I’m Bob. Remember the handle coz you’re gonna be yelling that out later tonight.” Also, if your pick up line insinuates that the girl is a slut, it won’t work. Never ask her, “Are you free for tonight, or how much will that cost me?” or you could get a smack across your cheek from her~While we are speaking about great pick up lines, we also must mention what we must never tell the chicks. One thing to avoid is to focus too much on yourself. Don’t tell them something like, “Hi, I’m John. Don’t forget the handle, you be screaming it all night tonight.” Don’t ever tell something that shows you think the girl is easy. Don’t tell her something like, “Free tonight, or how much is it going to cost me?” You might as well get a resounding slap across your face for that.}

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