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{I never realized going to the grocery store could be so rewarding Actually, I had been working a lot and thought the break would do me good. I had to get just a few simple things to keep my little bachelor life running and so to the grocery store I went.~The grocery store proved to be a great pick up haunt for me recently. I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a while, but that day I just felt I should foot it out a bit, at least to get a diversion from the busy schedule I was chasing. I didn’t need much, but enough to sustain my bachelor existence a bit. So, I started for the store.~I just had a great pickup recently… from the grocery store, of all places I was visiting the grocery store after a while; I just needed to pick up some simple supplies to sustain my bachelorhood, and I wasn’t expecting what I would see there.}

{Well, the grocery store was sure flooded with hot chicks Hot mamas with their babes and hot teens with their old mamas. This was really turning out to be a great way to take a break from work.~I had never realized a grocery store could have as many beautiful ladies as I saw there. Well, of course, what was I thinking This is the place for women to hang out. The chicks were all head-turners and I was already getting heady about what I just might grab~But, I was amazed at what I saw—bevy upon bevy of lovely ladies dotted every part of the store There were great women everywhere, mamas and their daughters, and I really couldn’t get over what I was seeing. Each woman made me spin my head around and check her again.}

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{And then my gaze fell on the corner of the row I was standing in. There was this beautiful creature, dressed in red, thinking about what milk to buy. I simply stood there like an idiot looking at her. Well, I always wanted to find sex and I just instinctively knew this was my chance.~Chafing through the crowd, my gaze suddenly came to rest on this wonderful feel of feminine glory that was standing in one corner. She was wearing a hot red number and was standing over there, at the milk counter. I stood just about a foot away from her, trying to get as much of a glimpse of her as I could. Then I thought I would make my move.~And then, suddenly out of the crowd of female organisms, arose this Venus of beauty She was standing in a particular corner of the store and suddenly that corner appeared all the more radiant. She was wearing a wonderful red dress and was bemused over what milk she should buy. I was but a foot away from her and was unabashedly staring at this creature the Good Lord had crafted. I knew at that moment that I had to move in for the kill.}

{I walked up to her, a confident man.~I proceeded toward her, with complete confidence that I could do it.~I walked toward her, without a shred of apprehension that I won’t be able to impress her.}

{She gave me a sideways glance. It was just a brief second that she saw me, but then she turned again and started looking at me full-on. It was mutual. In an instant we both knew we wanted to do it with each other.~She looked at me through the corner of her eyes. I understood her gaze on me and decided to go easy. But then, she turned again. This time she was almost as shameless as I was before. She began staring at me too. I knew right then and there—there was some special chemistry between us.~She saw me approaching. It was a mere flicker of vision in which she saw me, but probably she liked what she saw because she turned again and looked at me wholly. We were unabashedly staring at each other now. Something would happen between us, that was for darned sure}

{She opened the conversation. I replied. It turned out to be witty. She smiled. Quite soon, we were out of the store and in the coffee shop nearby. I ran my hand on her smooth arm. She played footsie with me. It was happening.~She said something to break the awkward silence. I made an intelligent rejoinder. She laughed. This was the cue we needed. We took each other out of the mall and into a café that was nearby. There, at the table, I kept my arm on hers. She played with her leg on mine.~She started the conversation with some greeting. I said something funny in return. That made her laugh. We hit it off. I led her out of the grocery store and into a nearby bistro. I held her smooth arm in the bistro. She played footsie with my legs.}

{We both couldn’t stand this hot chemistry any more. I asked her into my apartment. She winked and agreed instantly. I felt a surge running through my body. This was turning out to be unbelievable.~It was now getting on to be too much. I asked her if she would like to come to my apartment. She gladly agreed. I was ecstatic. It was happening, but it was happening too fast.~This was becoming unbearable now. I asked her to accompany my home. She smiled and said yes. I was on seventh heaven. Things were beginning to boil now}

{Soon enough, I was removing her clothes. We were locked in a kiss and I was fumbling with her zipper. The top went off first and I saw a great pair of tanned boobs—the result of nude sunbathing, as she told me. I kissed them all over. She cupped my penis and started squeezing it.~And then, without wasting any more time, I began liberating her from her clothes. We locked out lips into a deep kiss while I fumbled with her various zippers. Her top was now off completely. I saw the boobs—the epitome of perfection. She put her hand on my crotch and began squeezing it vehemently.~It was only a while later that we were in my bed. I was slowly getting her out of her clothes. We were in a locked kiss and I was trying to get all those zippers to open. I removed her blouse. Her breasts spilled out, white as milk. I was floored—I don’t remember when I had seen something so exquisite before. She put her hand on my penis and began squeezing it. I went wild.}

{I tongued my way down from those breasts to her belly button. I let it remain there and twirled it around the navel. She giggled. She was enjoying this. I got my cock out and guided her mouth to it. She was great. This was a great way to find sex, I thought.~I wanted to work my tongue on her. I started from her belly button and began working my way downwards. She was now fully aroused. I liberated my cock and showed it to her. I put it in her mouth. She began slurping at it like a baby.~I began playing on her with my tongue. I started at the navel and, after tonguing it for quite some time, I started moving downward. That really excited her. She got my penis out of my shorts and began working with it. She began giving me head. It was an experience that cannot be explained in words.}

{The fucking lasted for a long, long time. She was a slut in bed and I really enjoyed that. I wanted to fuck a slut anyway. She came and came and came. I was really having a mind-blowing experience.~I fucked her for a pretty long time. She was almost whorish about the whole thing and that titillated me no end. When I eventually satisfied her, she just couldn’t stop shuddering with her supreme climactic pleasure.~We had a very long encounter She was a slut in bed and I liked that immensely. She came like no one has ever come before—she kept trembling in her orgasm for long moments after I had satisfied her.}

{Now, I really know where I must head if I want to find sex the next time. Pleasure is found in the unlikeliest of places, they say and they aren’t entirely wrong.~So, the next time I want to find sex, I know where I should go without any delay. It is true that you can find any woman here and pick up most of them without much effort.~Now, I know where I must go when I want to find sex. To the grocery store, right away}

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