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{When I answered the ad from this girl named Mana, I did not know what was really to come. I was at an outstation hotel for 12 days now and wanted some company. I had got this ad in the local papers and I called her up.~I didn’t expect at all things would turn like this when I first called up Mana. I had found her number in one of those sleazy ads in the paper and I had been without sex for more than 12 days now, so I though why not call her~I called Mana from the number she had advertised in the sleazy section of the paper, but I didn’t realize she would turn out like this. I had been away from home for 12 days now and really wanted some action. I found this ad in the papers, found it interesting and called her.}

{I was ready for her. The champagne was waiting, I spread some air freshener around the room and sat on the bed, flicking TV channels.~So I called. And at the time we fixed, I got ready for her. I took out some champagne and decked the room with some air freshener. I know girls like that kind of stuff.~We agreed to meet in my room. I prepared for her. I got out some champagne and put on some freshener in the room.}

{We only Have Midget Sex infact that’s why we call ourselves midgets we~Are you into Midget Sex then why would you go any further we are the specialist~ Midget Sex is what we are about so look no further and live your fantasy}.

{The doorbell rang promptly at 8 pm. I opened the door. For a while, I thought it was a mistake. But no—standing there was a midget girl She was about 4 feet tall, but exceedingly pretty. “I’m Mana,” she said.~She came at dot 8 pm. I opened the door quite expectantly. For a moment, I thought that there was no one outside. But then I looked more closely. Well, there she was—her head only four feet above the ground—but very beautiful. This midget announced herself as Mana.~She was very punctual. I eagerly opened the door to her. But, for an instant I couldn’t find anyone there and thought it was a prank. But then I looked again—there she was, standing a complete two feet below me She was a midget}

{This was just something unexpected. I have nothing against midgets—not even in a sexual way—but I just haven’t done it before. But she was a girl too, and very pretty at that, so I thought—why not? I asked her in, and offered her the champagne.~Well, this was not what I had pictured. Height has never been a factor for me when I seek sex, but then I just wasn’t ready. And this was a very pretty girl. I asked her to get inside and I poured her some of the champagne.~No, I am not against midgets in any way, but this was just a surprise. I haven’t done it with a midget before. But I had no problems whatsoever. And this girl was so wonderfully beautiful, I actually hastened in calling her in. I poured out some champagne for her}

{We exchanged very few words. She finished her champagne in a gulp and then came over to where I was sitting. She began touching me. It felt good. She undid my buttons and went inside. Nice I began to reciprocate. She was small, but had a big bust. I had noticed that when she walked in. Now I wanted it. I made her sit on my lap. Her ass was quite soft and I got hard.~We had no small talk. She did away with her champagne in two gulps and then came closer to me. She began caressing me. Her touch felt nice. She removed my shirt buttons and put her hand inside. A small and dainty hand I loved it. I noticed that she had big breasts despite her size. I wanted to feel those breasts. I told her to sit on my lap. My cock was stretching in my shorts. Her soft ass felt good on it.~We didn’t have much conversation. She drained all that champagne pretty fast and came to me. She ran her fingers over me. She was good with them—I was feeling excited already. She did away w ith my shirt buttons and ran her hands inside, on my chest. Again, pretty good She was lovely, actually. She had a big bust that I wanted to reach out and touch. I had a big tent in my shorts now. I told her to sit on it. She obliged. Her soft ass felt good on my erection.}

{I removed her dress. She was great. The nipples were small and pink. The breasts were large and made the nipples look smaller. She had a slight belly but underneath and her pussy was pressed by the additional weight of the belly. That made her pussy look tighter and more inviting~I undressed her. She was really something. She had very tiny nipples over those big boobs and those were fresh and pink. She had a little paunch but that added to her sexiness because it pushed on her cunt and made it look so very tight and exciting~I freed her from her clothes. It was really exciting. She had small nipples on her big boobs and that made her look really alluring. Nice, pink nipples A little tummy, but then that added to the excitement as well. Her tummy pushed on her cunt and made it look tighter and all the more inaccessible. Great, truly marvelous}

{I wanted her to suck me. She got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I have been sucked about a hundred times before but this was way too different. Her mouth was small and it was a very different experience. She worked her tongue to great effect. She could take my cock right till her throat. Soon, I was pushing her head on my cock and deep-throating her.~I asked her to give me a blowjob. She went on her knees, unzipped my shorts, took my dick out and put it in her mouth. She was doing really well. The fact that she had a small mouth helped. But she also had a lot of tongue on her and she knew how to move it the right way. I had a great deep throat experience with her.~I beckoned her to come suck me. She knelt at my crotch and freed my cock from my shorts. She took my cock in her mouth. This was a great feeling, really. I was enjoying the fact that she had a small mouth and could only fit my cock into it with difficulty. But then we carried on, and I shoved my cock in as much as I could and I was soon deep throating her.}

{She was so small, I could easily turn her. I lifted her by her legs and while she still serviced my cock and balls, I began to lick at her cunt. She had a horsey smell there different, but good. It excited me.~Her small size was really proving exciting now. I lifted her and turned her. I began to nibble at her pussy and she continued oral fucking me. I loved her pussy smell. I wanted more.~I was really getting aroused now. I carried her and turned her upside down—she was so small and light. She continued working at my privates, while I began sniffing at her cunt. Nice, shaven and a wonderful smell. I wanted some more of this.}

{She insisted I fuck her. I lifted her by the thighs now and pressed her against the wall. Then I put my dick inside her and had a go. It was a very tight cunt. When she had her orgasm, I clasped her tightly in my arms, which made her quiver all the more.~Now she told me to get into her. I smiled. I carried her and propped her against the wall. I inserted her. It should have been painful for her but she was certainly quite experienced. I plowed into her forcefully. Her pussy was quite tight and I was liking it. I brought her to her orgasm after stretching time a bit~She asked me to come inside her. I gave a little smile. I propped her to the wall and slowly began putting my erection inside her. I thought that would hurt her, but surely this girl was much experienced. She made faces at the right places and turned this into a great experience.}

{Mana was great fun. She was so energetic and interesting, I even let her be the woman on top—but that was when we were having sex for the third time that night~I loved my first midget sex experience. Mana was a small bundle of fun. We had sex several times that night. The third time, she became the woman on top~I had a lot more of Mana that night. The third time, she went on top. It was a great, great night}

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