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{People become seasick. Toby has become sex-sick. His three months with all these sweaty ops but without his new girlfriend have been miserable. That’s why he has decided to sneak out and meet his girlfriend. He is sure it will be worth the risk.~It has been three months that Toby has been stationed at the desert and now he is really missing his girlfriend. He knew he would miss her but he never knew it would be so bad. He has made a plan of creeping out secretly and meeting his girlfriend. It could be fatal for him, but he is ready to take the risk.~Toby has become quite tired of his gruelling session in the barracks. It has been a horrible time for him with all the other sweaty dudes and he is missing his girlfriend like never before. He is also willing to take a risk. He has already made plans to steal out of the barracks and meet her.}

{It is easy when you are stationed in the middle of the desert. No one sees you when you sneak out. He has called her at a particular spot and knows she will be waiting. It is almost sundown and the setting sun helps him hide himself as he moves. He reaches the spot, and sees her. Well, she is prepared. She is lying completely naked in the sand waiting for him, and he gets hard just thinking how horny she must be too~The desert has made things simpler for him. He can creep out easily. He has already asked her to come wait for him near some dunes. She’s promised to be there. It is nearing evening and it is the best time to steal out. He moves like a slinky fox and reaches the spot there have decided. Yes, she is there, and how She knows he is coming. She has undressed herself completely and is lying on the sand. He becomes hard already realizing how thirsty she is for him~What makes it simpler for him is that they are stationed inside a desolate desert. He is sure no one will catch him in the act. He has sent a message to her to meet him at a particular spot. Evening draws when he prepares to smuggle himself out of the barracks. The sharp shadows of the approaching sunset help him camouflage himself. He arrives at the place. Yes, she is waiting for him, and how She probably saw him coming – now she is lying fully unclothed in the sand. Toby thinks how lustful his girlfriend is, and that makes him hornier.}

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{He’s brought just one thing – a video cam. He tells her he is going to shoot everything. She is alarmed, but he says he wants something to watch when he’s missing her. He sets up the camera which has a light of its own.~He has gotten a video camera. She becomes wary but then he tells her he needs something to remember her in those nauseating times of loneliness. He puts the camera and switches on the light that it has attached to it.~He has brought a small but powerful video camera with him. She is alarmed, but then he says he needs something to pass those lonely nights at the barracks. He puts the camera up. It has a little light too.}

{As soon as he is set, the girl jumps up at him. They begin kissing each other. Three months of distance can do things to you Soon, they are not just kissing, but they are wildly gnawing at each other’s flesh. Toby missed those lovely breasts miserably and now he is making the most of that. He is kissing them everywhere he can. She gropes in the almost dark and finds his erection and squeezes it hard. Toby lets out an audible moan.~Everything’s ready now. She just can’t wait. She almost pounces on him. They start kissing in full frenzy. They have been apart for 3 months and it is too much for both of them. The kisses become wilder. Toby looks at those beautiful boobs he has missed sorely and now he’s not letting go of them at all. The kisses are flowing freely. She moves her hands on his body and reaches his crotch. She presses hard on his erection. Toby almost yells in his delight.~No sooner does he ready the camera than she leaps on him. They begin kis sing each other wildly. It has been three months that they have been away from each other and now all that passion is coming out. Slowly, they become more aggressive. The kisses turn into bites. Toby is making sure he doesn’t insult those fantastic breasts by not paying attention to them. She guides her hand along and finds his throbbing erection. She grips it hard. The moan that Toby lets out is heard quite volubly.}

{Toby doesn’t want his soldier uniform spoiled, so he tells her to hold on and systematically removes his clothes. She is getting worked up already. Then they get back at it again. This time they are doing more hardcore things. They are rolling in the sand and Toby is getting extremely hot seeing the soft sand pass through her vagina and her ass crack.~Toby knows to respect his soldier’s uniform. So he gets up and removes it and folds it neatly. She watches him all the time he is doing this and gets super-excited. The wild sex in the sand dunes begins again. Things have become steamier now. They push each other on the sand. Toby sees the sand running through her butt crack and her vagina. It excites him immensely.~Toby makes sure that his official uniform doesn’t have to bear the brunt of their lusty passion. He proceeds to remove it and keeps it aside with all due respect. She watches him as he removes each piece of his uniform. Then she gets back on him. Now Toby isn’t restricted. He is really letting himself go. What really excites him is the sight of the golden sand passing through her vagina and ass as she moves in the sand.}

{She lies down on the sand and parts her legs. Toby is heated up. He gets up on her. His penis automatically finds its destination and penetrates its creamy smoothness.~She stops him from rolling and lies on her back on the sand. Then she hoists her legs up in the air and shows him her hole. That’s enough invitation. Toby mounts her and lets his penis find where it has to go. The velvety softness of her insides is too much for him.~She is down on the sand now, on her back. She invitingly parts those legs. Toby cannot resist any more. He immediately places himself on her. His penis finds the comfort of her vagina.}

{It is getting late. He must be back. But he doesn’t care if he is shot dead right now. He is busy fucking his girlfriend in the sand. His video cam is on and he shifts slightly to bring her into better view.~He should have been back at the camp at least an hour ago. But he cannot tear himself away. At the moment, he is so content, even if he were threatened with a missile, he wouldn’t stop. He moves a bit to let the camera focus on her better and continues.~He knows that he mustn’t be out here any longer, but what he is doing is so beautiful that he doesn’t care what happens. He has his camera on and that excites him all the more. He shifts his position so that the camera is focused on her body.}

{Then the frenzied fucking begins. Slow at first and then speeding up The moans become louder and louder. She begs him not to stop. He carries on for a long time. It is surprising how he can control so well after three months of abstinence.~It’s a wild fuck session, which starts slow and then only becomes hotter. They are almost groaning loudly now. She tells him to go on. He does. He has three months’ worth of pent-up energy inside him, but still he wants to prolong this.~They begin fucking. It starts easily but then takes on great vibrancy. They give out sighs and gasps and moans. She doesn’t want him to stop. But he is surprised that he can hold out for so long even after their separation for three whole months.}

{They lie in their nakedness till the moon comes up. Toby has to really leave now. But not before tasting her smoothness once again.~The lie naked on the sand till the moon is up properly. Now, Toby must go. However, he really wants to taste her soft body once more before he goes.~The deed done, they lie like that till the moon is smiling at them. Now, Toby cannot hang out a moment longer. He must go, but he also wants to taste her one more time before leaving.}

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