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{Christianity has always been somewhat straitjacketed about sex. Any public mention of sex has been abhorred by sex and its role has been grossly downplayed in the Christian culture. However, other cultures of the world have not been so reserved about sex. Especially in Tantra and the different pagan cultures the world has seen, sex had a very important place.~Christian culture has always considered sex to be something dirty and taboo, which should not be spoken about in public. Any public mention of sex hasn’t been even fleetingly done in Christian culture. But, this is not the case with many other religions of the world. In fact, some cultures, like the Tantric culture are quite vocal about sex. Another culture that has been quite outspoken about sex are the pagans.~In mainstream Christian culture, you are going to find no overt mention of sex. Christian literature and beliefs deal very gingerly with sex. They do not like any open mention of it. But even thou! gh Christianity is quite conservative about sex and anything related with it, there are several other cultures in the world that are not so conservative. Tantra, the ancient Indian culture, and many pagan cultures from across the world give primary position to sex and don’t mind mentioning it at all.}

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{There are actually some important beliefs about the male semen in tribal civilizations of African countries and Papua New Guinea. They believe that semen is an enchanted fluid that can actually bring about changes in the behaviors of other people.~Some African countries and countries like Papua New Guinea have had interesting cultural theories about the male sexual fluid, the semen. They say that semen possesses powers beyond the ordinary. They go as far as to say that semen can actually alter the characteristics of the other person who comes in contact with it.~In countries such as Papua New Guinea and in some African countries, you will find several customs and beliefs that revolve around semen. One of these beliefs is that semen has supernatural powers that can even modify behaviors of people who it comes in contact with.}

{Semen has always been associated with male virility, an association that is most profoundly seen in pagan cultures across the world. These cultures have laid great reverence on the sacred connection make between their priests and priestesses through seminal contact. These unions have been considered important to the scheme of things because they are supposed to bring forth the great powers that lie within the male semen.~There has always been a direct connection between semen and the strength of the male. This is most emphatically seen in pagan beliefs. These pagan beliefs even accept holy unions between their priests and priestesses because it allows the male semen to be preserved and its powers to continue through the succeeding generations. Such unions have been accorded with sanctimony.~One more profound association is that semen is an indicator of how strong a man is. Pagans definitely believed in this association. In fact, in order to conserve the strength! of the holy semen in their communities, they would encourage copulations between their male and female priests so that their progeny would carry the seminal inheritance forward.}

{The somewhat arcane and mysterious Indian culture of Tantra is actually a vast assortment of various practices and beliefs. These beliefs are different across the various sects of India. But one belief that is common is that the universe that we see in its concrete form today is nothing but a representation of the power of the Divine Entity. There are numerous Tantric rituals which include and even require sex for their fulfillment. But Tantra that is practiced out of India is mostly incorrect.~The Tantric culture is an old Indian culture which many people have forgotten today. However, this forgotten culture has some of the strongest legends about semen. In Tantric culture, it is believed that the entire universe is just a manifestation of the glory and power of the divine one. It is believed that the world arose from the divine seed and now to preserve the world, it is important to carry the seed forward. That is the reason many Tantric rituals have sex as the! ir main activity. However, it must also be noted that Tantric practices that are performed outside of their homeland, which is India, are mostly improper.~India also has an ancient and enigmatic culture known as Tantra. Among other things, Tantra is known to give great importance to the sexual act. People who believe in Tantra believe that the whole world has sprung up from the seminal powers of divine entities. It is now the right of the people living in the universe to keep this semen intact. That is one of the reasons why many of the tantric customs and rituals have the sexual act interwoven in them. However, only the tantric customs practiced within India can be considered as authentic. Outside of India, these customs lack the genuineness of attitude that they carry in India.}

{The seminal fluid has also had a place in the continents of America and Europe, especially among occultists. Popular occultists such as Samael Aun Weor and Aleister Crowley spoke about how sex is powerful and the most important part in it is the seminal fluid.~Civilizations in Europe and America also have certain age-old beliefs about semen. Practitioners of the occult have their own theories about semen. Some of these, like Aleister Crowley and Samael Aun Weor are the most notable.~Even the European and American continents have some of their own shrouds of beliefs in sexual consummation and semen. Some believers of occult customs have stated the importance of sex. Chief among these are Aleister Crowley and Samael Aun Weor.}

{Men very strongly believe that their masculinity is connected to their semen. That is the reason men do not want to lose this precious fluid. There are men who never ejaculate outside of sexual contact because they think that wasting semen in this manner could wreak havoc on their masculinity.~Almost all men believe that their strength lies in their semen and hence it should not be wasted. These men do not allow any ejaculation except from the main sexual activity. The legend has them believe that losing semen will weaken them.~Men like to keep their semen intact because they believe their virility lies in it. That is why they don’t waste it for anything other than the sexual act. They believe that wasting semen will cause them weakness.}

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