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{While not a generally well encouraged topic in genteel circles, the subject of anal sex does come up. However many anal sex myths are as stupid As the stupidity of the people who propound them. If women won’t acknowledge that this form of sexual activity can provide even more pleasure to their bodies, perhaps it is easier to believe in myths.~Polite society would never encourage discussing sexual matter, particularly if this were anal sexual matters. It is strictly taboo and this is because there are so many myths perpetuated regarding this, believe it or not, widely practiced sex act.~Genteel circles don’t normally encouraged the sharing of information regarding anal sex, and this is probably where there are still so many myths regarding this sex practice. These myths are more than likely as stupid as the people who spread them, so take it from the horses mouth, myth is myth and fact is fact}

{There are some very simple facts to substantiate the pleasure of anal sex; unfortunately the myths seem to cloud the facts. Most anal sex myths are based in ideas that belong to the more puritanical centuries. Much like oral sex, anal sex is only moving into mainstream recognition as the “black sheep of the family”.~The myths are as stupid as the people who repeat them, and more people are beginning to recognize this fact. Puritanical outlooks that have lasted centuries are still refusing anal sex into the mainstream. Somewhat like its much maligned little brother – oral sex, when there should really be very little fuss about either of these practices~Many more people than you might think get immense pleasure out of anal sex and it is not that big a deal. That the puritanical impact of previous centuries is still blocking mainstream recognition of this practice, But it is making ground together with its wicked little brother, oral sex, people are realizing, “what is all the fuss about?”}

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{Myth one: the anus is a source of germs and dirt. Conditioning from childhood teaches us that any contact with the pooper, has to be followed by a thorough hosing down. This makes it easy for people to reject the very idea of anal sex.~One myth is that the anus is a dirt magnet, we are brought up to believe that if you go anywhere near it with your hands, you have to be scrubbed down to the degree that going into a decontamination chamber is almost necessary.~For example the anus is a dirty little hole that should never be touched under any circumstances. If it is accidentally touched, you wash with anti-bacterial soap and scrub under your nails or you will become ill. This is how we have been brought up so it is no wonder this myth is so popular.}

{We are hardly living in the age of the Black Death, hygiene is simple to attend to and in the case of anal sex if this is a real issue, an enema can be used, although it may take the spontaneity out of the act.~With this outlook it is not surprising that this myth still does the rounds. A long time ago, in the days of Lister, we learned about the importance of hygiene, and we practice this daily. How dirty can the bum be? If you really believe this and you want to practice anal sex, make use of an enema.~Hello people, the days of the plague have long since past, we know about hygiene, and knew about it centuries ago, as far back as Lister Rejecting anal sex because of the potential to catch typhoid is in the past, use an enema if this really bugs you.}

{Myth two: Read any article in hemorrhoids, and you will read that anal sex is one of the causes of these unpleasant beauties. Which brings us to myth two (a) Incontinence. The o the anus doesn’t care what goes in or out, the sphincter muscles control incontinence, these are linked to the brain. While severe injury to these muscles may cause incontinence, more often than not it occurs because of the inability of the brain to control this function.~Hemorrhoids are another little beauty, read any article, it tells you anal sex causes them. Rubbish, bad eating habits, constipation and heredity cause them, Another myth is that it causes incontinence, also medically impossible You have to be brain damaged, or the sphincter muscles damaged beyond belief for this to happen. No normal penis is capable of busting your anus it lets things go out, so it also lets things in~What about the myth regarding hemorrhoids, read any article and it will tell you anal sex is one of the cases. This is rubbish Then there is another beauty “Incontinence” also rears its ugly head. You would have to do some serious damage to the sphincter muscles or the brain for incontinence to occur and this would not be attributed to anal sex. Your bum doesn’t care what goes in or out, within reason, and how big can a penis be?}

{Myth three: Anal sex is perversion and unnatural, it has no place in normal world. People have been practicing anal sex for eons and have not considered it to be perverse; we are not only talking about the Greeks People from other countries and times have also experimented sexually, this has not been reserved for this century.~Perversion, ah; the dreaded perversions of the world The only people who call anal sex perversion, are perverted people. This sex form has been normal practice for many cultures for many centuries; John Calvin is dead and gone thank goodness. Perversion is in the eye or mind of the beholder and should not be impinged upon anyone else.~Here is a perler, “having anal sex is perverted”, perversion is only in the mind of the believer. Anyone who believes that anal sex is perversion is weird. It has been practiced for thousands of years, and not only by the Greeks. Many cultures find this practice quite acceptable.}

{Ultimately the decision is yours regarding whether anal sex is natural or not.~No one wants to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do~If you don’t like it, don’t do it}

{Myth four: it hurts Well it may a bit at first, but we are not stupid and we realize that fitting a large object into a small hole may require lubrication for success, right? Education is key, if it hurts, it is because you are doing it wrong, relaxation and patience is important.~The pain of anal sex is too much to bear is another myth. If it hurts you are not doing it the right way. You are an adult, you understand the application of lubrication and gentleness. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, make it that way.~Oh, the pain, anal sex is painful Well it is if you don’t do it right, but you are an adult and you should know about lubrication and being gentle. You can’t go ramming a big huge dry penis into a tiny dry hole and expecting it to be pleasurable, be sensible for goodness sake}

{The last and most important of all the anal sex myths: Only homosexuals have anal sex It doesn’t get more ridiculous, not even all homosexuals enjoy anal sex, because they don’t like it either. It is all a matter of taste and choice for everyone, just don’t believe the B/S.~One final, but by no means the last myth regarding anal sex It is not nice to do, because only homosexuals practice anal sex. This is poppycock at is absolute best, many homosexuals don’t practice anal sex because they don’t like it. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it Homosexuals are not defined by practicing anal sex and neither are you, it is not who you are.~Last but by no means least, anal sex is wrong because only homosexuals practice it. What crap Some homosexuals don’t practice anal sex because they don’t like it. A homosexual is not defined by anal sex and neither are you.}

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