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5 Signs Your Sex Life May Need a Makeover


Are you in a relationship?  If you are, are you pleased with the amount of sex and intimacy that you are receiving?  Are you unsure?  For many men and women, this question is a lot harder to answer than it looks.


If you are unsure as to whether or not your sex life is good, it may be time for you to find out?  Why because if you are pleased with the amount of intimacy that you receive, you should be sure to tell your partner on occasion.  Doing so can help to improve your relationship.  On the other hand, if you are not pleased with the level of intimacy received, it may be time for you to make a change, like experimenting in the bedroom.


So do you have a good sex life?  To help you get an accurate answer to that question, five signs that your sex life may need improving are outlined below.


Sign #1 – You Find Sex Boring


Unfortunately, many couples, especially those in long-term relationships, get to a certain point where sex just isn’t fun anymore.  Does it seem more like work or a chore to you?  Being intimate with your partner should not seem like a responsibly that you are required to fulfill.  Instead, it should be fun and exciting.


Do you reject being intimate with your partner?  Do you put off going to bed with them in fear of being intimate?  If you do, your sex life may need an improvement or a change.


Sign #2 – You Are Left Unsatisfied


If and when you do get intimate with your partner, do you achieve maximum pleasure?  If not, your sex life may be in serious trouble.  This is most often the case with women.  Some women find it more difficult to achieve maximum pleasure in the bedroom.  But, know that it is possible.  You may need to offer suggestions to your partner or guide them.  Whatever you do, just be sure to take action right away.  A relationship where only one party is pleased, is likely to fail.


Sign #3 – Sex Feels Like a Responsibility


As it was previously stated, being intimate with your partner should not seem like work or a responsibility that you must fulfill. If it does, it is time for you to change.  Be spontaneous.  Initiate sex yourself, as opposed to waiting for your partner to do so.  Spice up your intimacy by experimenting in the bedroom with a new position or simply just have relations at a different time and place.  Whatever approach you do take, be sure to do something.  Do not let an otherwise healthy relationship fail because sex is something that you would rather avoid.


Sign #4 – You Don’t Have It


To have a good sex life, you must first be having sex.  Are you?  If you are in a relationship, you should be.  Whether you get intimate with your partner on a daily basis or even just once a week, this closeness is important to your relationship and not just in the physical sense.


If you are currently not in a relationship, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have or not get the opportunity to experience intimacy and closeness with another adult.  Take action to start feeling wanted, needed, and loved today.  This may involve using an online dating website or just visiting a bar with a bunch of your friends.


Sign #5 – Your Relationship Is Failing


Do you and your partner spend most of your time arguing?  If so, your relationship may be in serious trouble.  Despite arguing about a topic not related to intimacy, such as money or work, did you know that your lack of intimacy may be to blame?  Couples who are happy inside the bedroom are likely to be happy outside of it as well.  The two should go hand in hand.


So do you have a happy and healthy sex life?  If not, remember that there are a number of steps that you can take to make an improvement in your levels of satisfaction.



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4 Ways to Improve Your Intimacy with Your Wife


Are you married?  If so, you likely love your wife, right?  Despite a deep and intense love for your wife, you may still want to see an improvement in your intimacy.  After all, what man doesn’t want good sex?


If you want to improve your intimacy with your wife, it is important to know that you have a number of different options.  Unfortunately, many men automatically start think of the bedroom. Yes, you do want to “wow,” your wife in the bedroom, but that is not all that sex and intimacy is about.  In fact, that is where many marriages go wrong.  Too much focus is placed on the sex or the lack of it.


To help you properly improve your intimacy with your wife, please continue reading on.  A few easy to implement, yet successful approaches are highlighted below for your convenience.


1 – Date Her


How long have you been married?  If you have been married for a number of years now, do you honestly remember when your last “real,” date was.  Unfortunately, many men underestimate the power of a date. You will not want to make this mistake.  If you opt just for the sex, your wife may start to feel like it is her responsibility to please you and this is not how a relationship should work.


To not only improve your satisfaction in the bed, but to improve your wife’s satisfaction, take her out on a date.  Many times, getting out of the house is enough to bring new excitement into a relationship.  For the best level of success, choose a romantic date theme, such as a fancy dinner, a romantic movie, or a night at a nice hotel.


2 – Compliment Her


When is the last time that you have paid your wife a truly nice and unique compliment?  If it has been a while, it is time for you to start again.  Is your wife wearing a new outfit?  Has she recently started a weight loss plan?  Did your wife get her hair cut?  If so, be sure to compliment her.  Complimenting your wife on her appearance will increase her self-confidence.  This, in turn, can improve experiences in the bedroom.


Compliment you wife

Compliment your Wife

As important as it is to compliment your wife on her appearance, it is also important to remember to compliment her on other areas of your relationship.  Do you notice that the house is clean?  Has your wife prepared a nice dinner?  If so, thank her for the job well done.  This will not only help to improve your relationship in general, but it can have an impact on your experiences in the bedroom.


3 – Seduce Her


What is sex like in your home?  Does it occur like clockwork?  Do you actually take the time to ask your wife if she wants to have sex?  If so, try to refrain from doing so.  Yes, you may be rejected, due to a headache or being tired, but why not take the chance?  Be spontaneous.  Seduce your wife.  Make her want to have sex with you.


4 – Fulfill Her Fantasies


In keeping with seducing your wife, let her know that you want to fulfill her fantasies.  It may take your wife a few times to open up about what she likes or fantasizes about sexually, but the information will likely come out soon.  Give it your all to fulfill your wife’s sexual fantasies.  It is also important to note that afterwards is the perfect time to share your fantasies and sexual desires with your wife.  In end, you may all end up being much more pleased.


As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about improving the intimacy in your relationship.  Please remember, however, that you want to get started in someplace other than the bedroom.  Sex in a marriage is about more and should be more than just the act itself.  Taking the time to date and compliment your wife will more than pay off in the end.



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During a fight with my now ex, he told me that it is hard to spend time together until more money is coming in.  I was very quick to call this BS.  But it does come to my attention that it is difficult for some to come up with inexpensive dates.  Here is a list that I have come up with and would enjoy doing any time.

1. Free Zoo Days

2.  Free Museum Days- they are usually once a week.

3.  Tour a winery and tasting.  It doesn’t cost to do a tasting usually or it is very inexpensive.

4.  Hit a flea Market.

5.  Hit a Farmers Market in the AM and cook in the PM.

6.  Sunset Hike

7.  Do a photography session.  Pretend you are the photographer and snap away of your love.

8.  Bicycle out to a picnic site.

9.  Take a Historical Walk Tour of your town.

10.  Attend the local Roller Derby

11. The Untraditional movie nite. IE. Casablanca

12.  Go to dollar movies

13.  Plan a game night at home .  Play Monopoly and the loser makes dinner and cocktails

14.  Start a main dish (pizza) then go to the store and give each person $5 to choose toppings.

15. Frisbee Golf

16.  Mud Fight after it Rains. Of course you need to talk a romantic walk in the rain first.

17.  Wash Cars together

18.  Watch Sports on TV, or go to a college game or a rival high school game.

19.  Go Rollerblading.

20.  Volunteer together

21. Bake Together, cookies, banana bread, or pancakes

22.  Read to one another

23.  Create Dream Boards

24.  Read Poetry to each other.

25.  Draw Pictures with Sidewalk Chalk

26.  Pillow fight

27.  Home wine tasting or beer tasting.

28.  Star Gazing:  Check out a book at local library on astrology and learn a constilation.

29.  Practice Reflexology : Print out of the foot and pressure points  are available online.

30.  Water Ballon fight

31.  Walk dogs together: yours or your neighbors.

32.  Go to Target /WalMart late at night and play with the toys.

33.  Plant something together a tree, plant bush or start a new plant.

34.  Play Wii, Playstation, or computer games together.

35.  Go visit local planitarium.  Most colleges have them and are open to the community.

36.  Play capture the alien , tag or  hopscotch, or cowboys and indians

37.  Window shop in unusual places.

38.  Go to the beach or lake.  Most are free.

39.  Go Play on a playground.  Who can swing the highest?

40.  Sneak into a resort pool area; if you get caught then you have a good story.

41.  Teach her poker or another card game, once good at it play strip poker

42.  Darts and learn how to play pool if you don’t know already

43.  Bubble Bath and body massages for each other at home.

44.  Decadant desert: Homemade of course.

45.  Online Movie night.

46. Go to a video arcade and play older games.

47. Road Trip/Daytrips are the least expensive.

48.  Drive In Movie

49.  Test drive Cars

50.  Picnic

51.  Amateur Night at comedy clubs

52.  Check out a local band

53.  Free Movies or Concerts

54.  Play with animals at a Pet Shop

55.  Attend a book reading

56.  House Hunting for Dream house.

57.  Attend a Progressive dinner party with other couples

58.  GeoCashing.  Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity

59.  Go to IMAX

60.  Tapas Bar

61.  Bird Feeding-bring bread, a thermos of homemade lemonade or spiked icedtea.

62.  Ride bikes.  Rent them for $10hr.

63.  Bubble blower, hulahoops, and/or Kite to park and play like kids

64.  Experience a jazz club.  Check out to find local clubs

65. to find a cooking class.

66.  Make a fondue. is a good reference

67.  Skating Rink

68.  Explore. Rent a four wheeler, scooter, or wave runner.

69.  Float the River

70.  Go to a thrift store each person gets $5.  See who gets the cooler things

71.  Love language.  Take the 5 Love Language test and see how to improve the relationship.

72.  Swim, either at your house, a local pool or hotel.

73.  Make Indoor smore’s and read campfire stories.

74.  Play 20 questions

75. Make breakfast together.

76. Write a bucket list together.

77.  Have Sex!!!!

78.  Have phone Sex or just spend 15 min on the phone. Give undivided attention to your significant.

79.  Go for a walk, run or workout together

80. Go to your local sex toy shop and look around. Explore.

These are just a few that I thought of.  Please leave comments with your own ideas on how to spend time together inexpensively.