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{The Day I had Sex with a Nurse~Sex with a Nurse – A Wonderful Experience~Nothing’s Better than Sex with a Nurse}

{After the bike accident I had last year, my family had forbidden me from going anywhere out of the house. Not that I could, anyway! My right leg was in a cast and I had another cast on my right arm too. Yes, that was a bad fall. As the bike skidded, I fell with the right side of my body hitting the ground first.~I can never forget the time when I had sex with a nurse. It was immediately after my motorcycle accident that I was in a cast. It was my complete right side that had gone on a break – I had fallen on my right leg and arm, which were now in their individual casts.~There are times in life which you don’t know are happy or sad. Such a time came in my life last year when I had an accident that put my right limbs into a cast for a month.}

{It was very bleak, I agree. But I had something to lighten up my day even then. My dear, dear family had arranged a nurse for me. This lovely little white attired thing was named Rhonda. She waited on my every call and I really enjoyed her. If there was some reason why I did not want to get out of that bed, it was her. But what I never dreamt was that I would have my first sex with a nurse because of her!~But the best thing that my family did even then was to hire this wonderful nurse whose name was Heather. I really liked her spotlessly clean white dress which did all justice to her big assets inside. She was a very helpful nurse; she helped me with everything. Well, really everything, as you shall see soon. Yes, she was the one who I had my sex with a nurse with.~Unfortunate though that might seem, it wasn’t really that bad for me because that was also the time when I could play out one of my deepest fantasies – I could have sex with a nurse which I always! wanted to do. My family employed this nurse, Sue, to help me with my tasks. Well, she was really a big help – she helped me do a lot of things!}

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{It was an afternoon where everyone in the house had gone away with some or the other work. It had come down to just me and Rhonda and that hot little room. This was where my sex with a nurse was going to begin.~One day it was just her and I at home and I knew I had to take the opportunity. I was deprived of sex for a month now and this nurse looked like a wonderful candidate to break the abstinence.~But I won’t forget the first time I had sex with a nurse, sex with Sue to be more precise. She and I were alone at home one evening when the rest of the folks had gone out somewhere. I just wanted I needed to taste Sue’s voluptuous boobs in that pristine white uniform of hers – after all, I had been away from sex for a month and I was horny like a rampaging bull.}

{“Do you want something?” she asked as I shook a little in the bed. Her voice drove me crazy as it always did. “No”, I said. “Well, if you want anything,” she said, “Just let me know.”~She realized I was looking for something. She asked me what. But how could I tell her what I really wanted? I just mumbled something. Then she said something that really encouraged me. She said that if I wanted something, she was duty-bound to give it to me! Heh heh!~She understood I was up to something. “Are you looking for something?”, she asked. As if I could answer her! But then, why not? Wasn’t she my nurse? I thought I would give her a hint. After all she had said, “If you want anything – anything – just tell me.”}

{“Well…” I wanted to say something but stopped. “What’s it? Tell me, I am your nurse,” she goaded me on. “It’s just that I am feeling a little lonely here.” I said. “I can understand,” she said. “No, you don’t,” I said. “I meant sex-wise. I hope I can be frank with you.”~I needed no further invitations after that. I casually asked her if she would think me to be a maniac if I told her I really needed some physical loving!~“I haven’t been with anyone for a month now,” I said fast so that I wouldn’t panic. “That should be bad, isn’t it?” I asked her.}

{She did not get angry as I thought she would. On the contrary, I saw a mischievous smile coming on her lips. “Well, I am your nurse,” she said, “And I am supposed to take care of all your needs.”~I thought she would flinch, I thought she would slap me, I thought she would run away. But she did nothing of that. She just said, “I thought you would never ask!”~For a moment I thought I had angered her and she would storm out of the door, never to return. But she didn’t do anything of the sort. “You fool,” she said, “I was just waiting for something like that!”}

{Even as I tried to believe what I just heard, I saw her unbuttoning her white nurse’s blouse. Her breasts were just as round and firm as I had imagined them to be. She came close to me and placed my hand over her nipples. I had the time of my life squeezing those juicy boobs.~She stood right there in the middle of the room and started removing the buttons off her nurse’s white blouse. My heart was jumping higher and higher toward my mouth as she removed each of those buttons. When they were done, the breasts that poured out of them were every bit as succulent as I had imagined they would be! I hungered for them like a dog. She moved over to me.~While I was still picking the scattered pieces of my brain because of what she had just said, Sue began removing her white blouse. I was almost dead with ecstasy when she removed the whole darned thing and spilled out those boobs. Great! She jiggled them a bit and then gave them into my mouth for me to play with.}

{It was her turn now. She lowered my shorts and released my erection and began working on it. Her beautiful lips and tongue on my hard cock even as my leg was in a cast – I cannot forget it! I just let go all over her.~I was totally hard even before it all began. She now took the opportunity to grab my hardness in her soft hands. She then moved those pouty lips of hers right on my cock and sucked it manically even as I in my cast could do nothing much. The very feeling was so arousing that I let go within about two minutes of getting inside her mouth.~Then she reached out in my shorts and freed my poor penis that had been deprived for a month. It instantly stood to erection. Her touch was like velvet. And then she almost killed me dead by putting her mouth on my erection. I was bound in a cast, could do nothing, and here was this nurse sucking me bone dry! I just came, I just came!}

{We had sex several times after that. Once she even rode me when I was in a cast. But then I healed and I lost her. Those days when I had sex with a nurse are definitely the most romantic days of my life.~That was just the beginning of my adventures of sex with a nurse. A lot happened after that – there was even a straddling cowgirl adventure that I can never forget!~Well, my escapades of sex with a nurse had just begun there. We did a lot of things in that month – she always took things in her hand, literally, and gave me what I wanted as I lay there, invalid.}

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