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{I was a university student then. This was in early October when the lectures at the university tend to get a bit boring. I was bored stiff listening to Thermodynamics and was looking for some entertainment within the lecture. And what better entertainment did we have at that time than checking out Dana?~I was studying in the university at that time. The time was early October, when the boredom of the university lectures starts creeping in. Goddamned Thermodynamics was going on and the professor was droning us to death. I needed some respite. I knew just what the doctor would order at that moment – take a look at Dana.~It was October at the university that time. October is always a boring time; that’s when the lectures begin to mow you down. Thermodynamics was going on, and the professor was not helping matters any. Before he could bore me to death, I wanted a little diversion. Well, at our university the best diversion any boy could have would be to take an eyeful of Dana.}

{She was sitting one row away from me and I needed to turn my head to my left to catch a glimpse of her. I did that several times a day anyway but this time when I glanced at her, I saw something that made me miss a beat. Well, she was looking right at me – checking me out I should say.~Dana – the university boy’s ultimate fantasy – was sitting just one row away from mine but I had to turn my head ninety degrees to the left to catch a glimpse of her. Anyway I did that exercise several times every lecture so it was no big deal. However, when I did that this time, I was surprised. Dana was already checking me out when I turned.~Dana was every university boy’s dream. And she was sitting just a row apart from mine. I needed to just turn my head over my left shoulder to get a glimpse of her. I don’t know how many times I did that per lecture. This was going to be just another time. Or so I thought! Because this time when I looked at Dana, I found that she ! was already staring at me!}

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{I turned at her again. It was a slight smile that passed between us. Instinctively I knew what she wanted. She got up and raised her hand. The professor begrudgingly nodded. As she left the classroom for the restroom, she turned at me and gave that smile again. A minute later, I excused myself too.~Was that for real? I turned again to confirm. Yes, she was sitting there prettily, smiling at me. I knew in a flash what she was wanting. She called the professor’s attention and raised her hand. The professor took it very badly to be troubled in the middle of his scintillating explanation but he excused her. But before turning out of the door, Dana looked back at me and I am sure she gave me a little wink. Well, I had to trouble the professor too.~It was unbelievable, of course. I had to turn again to confirm that. Sure, she was there, checking me out, and she even gave me a smile. Oh, there it was! I knew what she was thinking. That very instant, she got up and as! ked the professor to excuse her. The professor, in the middle of what he thought was the most interesting thing in the world, angrily allowed her. As Dana made her exit, she gave me the quickest smile possible. Now, I got up and asked to be excused too. Poor professor!}

{I knew where to head. The ladies’ restroom would be empty at this hour because lectures were going on in all the classrooms. I headed right there. No one was in. But just inside one of those closed stalls, I heard a slight whisper. Gingerly, I knocked. Yes, she was in there.~Once out of the class, I knew where to go. The ladies’ restroom, that’s where. The place would be empty now, just right for the diversion we both wanted. I went right in, because I was sure no one would be there. She was there behind one of the stalls, softly calling my name.~Free from the class, I knew where to head – the girls’ restroom. There would be no one there now – everyone would be in their lectures – and that place would be sinfully quiet. I went in confidently and, sure enough, I heard the giggle behind one of the closed stalls. I went on.}

{And how! She had unbuttoned her shirt already and I could see her red bra inside. Those breasts that every boy at the university fantasized about were in my hands right now. I let them loose. They were every bit as soft and just as big as I thought. The nipples stood erect. I quickly slurped at them – we didn’t have much time!~And the way she was there! She had undone all buttons of her shirt and I could not tear my eyes off her red bra. Every male at the university had dreamt about those breasts at least once and now they were all mine! I freed them from the bra. They were just as succulent as I expected. The nipples were standing on end. I licked them, but then realized – we did not have much time to waste.~The way Dana presented herself to me there made me lose a heartbeat! She had taken off all the buttons of her shirt and her bra was showing. Those breasts – those objects of every male desire at the university – were for real and they were for me ! right now! I quickly unhooked her bra. Yes, those breasts were every bit as awesome as I had pictured them to be. The nipples teased me no end. I played with them for an instant, but then I knew we did not have much time for all the foreplay.}

{Quickly I unbuttoned my jeans. We were both touching each other everywhere we could, trying to grope at every bit of flesh we could lay our hands on. She found my penis, I found her pussy. It was already warm and quivering. It was moist with the anticipation. I rubbed her clit. She moaned, almost aloud. I put my other hand on her lips.~I unbuttoned by jeans hastily. We weren’t wasting any time and groping at each other’s bodies wherever we could. She discovered my erection and I discovered her moistness. It was warm and slimy inside. I knew she couldn’t wait. I pressed her clitoris. I am pretty sure the moan she gave was audible even out of the restroom; I quickly covered her mouth with the other free hand.~I undid the button on my jeans. Both of us were making the best of the time we had – groping at each other wherever we could. She fumbled over my penis and grabbed it. I fumbled over her pussy and began fingering it. Her clitoris was already hard and ! I rubbed it. She gave an almost vocal moan, but I quickly shut her off with my free hand.}

{Then I lifted her by her thighs and held her against the wall. Her pussy was open and welcoming right now. Without wasting another minute, I entered her. She kept clawing at the stall door as best as she could. And then I made my first thrust. Heavenly pleasure! She began moving her hips in tune with mine.~I am happy for the gym I did because I could very easily lift her now. I pinned her against the wall and spread her legs apart, holding her by the thighs. Her vagina was in full view now and it was seducing me no end. I did not waste any time in penetrating her. She was almost mad with pleasure now. Slowly we began moving our hips in rhythm with each other.~Then I, almost acrobatically, lifted her by her thighs and pinned her against the wall. She clawed at the wall for support but in vain. I saw that pussy, waiting for me! That moment is indescribable. Without any further delay I rammed my penis into it. She almost screamed and then slowed down when I began thrusting my penis into her. She began moving her hips in perfect tandem!}

{We weren’t in there for even five minutes, but those lovely memories are with me even now. Surely, it was my wildest deed when I was at the university and probably hers too.~It wasn’t even five minutes that we spent in there but I cannot forget that time for anything in the world. It was the wickedest thing I did at the university and I am sure that applies to her also.~Well, that was the most radical thing I did at the university. Not even 5 minutes we spent there but none of us can ever forget them. I am sure that was the most radical thing Dana ever did at the university too.}

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