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{I have always had a bit of a thing for a good spanking, in fact when I was a little girl I used to get naughtier and naughtier, until I would apparently step up to my father and say, “daddy, I think the time’s ready for a spanking” much to his shock and surprise~When I was a small child, my parents found it amusing that I would come to them about once every six months and say “I think time is ready for another spanking” this used to happen like clockwork and I would get naughtier and naughtier in the build up to this.~It was very amusing for my parents that as a small child I would become naughtier and naughtier until the time that I walked up to my dad and told him that I thought I was ready for a spanking. They still find this story amusing, if only they had known}

{How was I to know that there would be a day that my spanking fetish turned into a money maker? Only this time the tables were turned a little.~I recon that I have always fancied having my hide tanned, but never dreamed there would be a time when my spanking fetish turned into a money maker~I have to admit that my fancying the odd spanking, which may be considered a fetish by some, has turned into a money maker for me, and no one could be more surprised by this turn of events.}

{Find BDSM Partner on many internet dating sites, you don’t even have to look on a niche specific social networking program. I didn’t and it just happened naturally.~Internet dating sites don’t even have to be a social networking site that caters to find BDSM Partner, I wasn’t registered on a specific site when I found mine, just a normal dating site.~Find BDSM partner anywhere as long as you are looking, I wasn’t even looking, but the WWW is a very big place, and you don’t even have to join a specific site. I found mine in a normal social network.}

{It seemed to be a natural progression for me from enjoying the odd spanking, to enjoying being handcuffed and spanked, then blindfolded, then tied up and completely mobilized and even suspended. Slowly as I was introduced to this art form, I became deeper entrenched in its mysteries.~Because I enjoyed being spanked and started getting into handcuffs and bondage, it was completely natural for me to progress into a BDSM lifestyle. As I became introduced to new and more exquisite torture I became more deeply entrenched in the mysteries of this beautiful art form.~I got into handcuffs and light bondage as well as spanking from a very young age. This made it absolutely natural to become involved in BDSM, and this was a gentle progression although I was soon deeply interested and entrenched in this mysterious and beautiful form of expression.}

{I met my dom by accident, from a normal dating site, he was years older than me and very practiced as well as highly regarded in the community. When he approached me I thought “urgh, 62, he’s an old fart”. But she spoke to me nicely, he was intelligent and he sparked my curiosity.~Sam – my dom and I met quite by accident, as I said, at a normal online social networking site for daters. He was 62, I was 30 and at first I thought Yuk, and old guy, but soon I learned, the more experienced a man, the better. He approached me and at first I was reluctant to meet, however he was intelligent and nice and I was curious.~I met my dom by accident and he was and always will be the only dom I every had, my tastes have changed slightly now. I was pretty young, but old enough to know what I was doing at 30, but he was 62, and initially I thought “how horrible”. But he approached me and although reluctant at first I agreed to meet.}

{He had recently lost his collared submissive when she moved overseas and was looking for someone new to collar. I didn’t fancy this idea at first, but eventually, I thought, “what’s the harm in just meeting?”~He was looking for a new sub, I wasn’t even looking, but he was persuasive and we met. I mean what was the harm in a simple meeting?~He was highly intelligent and caring, and also looking for a new submissive to collar. I went to meet him, thinking there would be no harm in it and I was right.}

{So I met Sam and we chatted for a while, arranging to meet he was interesting and had some really funny stories to tell like when he was selling his house and his BDSM equipment was in a special room. He explained to prospective buyers that his suspension frame was a special frame he had built for his specific back problem.~Fortunately for me, no harm at all We chatted and to him everything about bondage was natural, he was interesting and told me this really funny story about his bondage rack. He wanted to sell his house, so he would tell prospective buyers that his rack was for some back problem he had, and that he has is specifically made. That made me laugh~We hit it off right away, and found lots to talk about, not all of it about bondage, although one story he told me was very funny. He wanted top sell his house and had, had a special rack built. Not wanting to dismantle it until he had to, he told prospective home buyers it was special suspension equipm ent to help his back problem. I thought that was really funny.}

{We agreed to meet again, and I soon became happily involved in the BDSM community he belonged to, it wasn’t long till I was collared too and Sam became my dom. Sam taught me everything I know, I soon had equipment in my own home and was meeting up with people I had met with similar interests on the internet.~It didn’t take long for me to become integrated into the BDSM community in which I felt I belonged. Sam was a great dom and I soon became interested in other aspects of BDSM. Started collecting my own gear and watch and learned. I soon realized that I was not only a submissive.~I soon felt like I really belonged in the BDSM community Sam introduced me to and began to enjoy the lifestyle. Sam taught me a lot and I was so eager to learn that I started collecting my own gear. It did not take me long to realize that I was something of a hybrid and not a true submissive.}

{I only ever allowed Sam to bind and spank me, he was the only one I trusted but I was soon receiving requests for bondage sessions from all my new friends. I thought what the heck, I have the gear.~Pretty soon I made my on circle of friends, a community outside of Sam’s, most of who I met on the internet. I have to admit that Sam is the only person I have ever trusted enough to bind me, but soon the people in my community were asking me to teach them. I thought why not, I have all the equipment?~Although Sam is the only person I ever trusted to bind me, I soon became interested in binding others and a circle of new friends grew around me. They wanted me to help them and I had all the gear, so I thought why not?}

{Before long I had some regulars and they were offering to pay me to spank them too, a bit like and ambidextrous writer I found I enjoyed being dominant as well as submissive. Even though I am a bit of a BDSM mongrel, I was soon making money from this and I still shake my head and wonder about the day my spanking fetish turned into a money maker for me.~I got so good at giving people what they want it didn’t take long before they started paying me for my time, I had not idea this was going to be a money maker. It is strange down what paths life leads you, but I still think about the fact that my spanking fetish turned into a money maker, and a really good business it is too. Rather my clients be safe with me than out there with some other sadist~As I got better and more popular, more men, and women came to me for help and many insisted on paying me. What the heck, how was I to know my spanking fetish would turn into a money maker? But my business (that is what I call it now) has grown and I don’t have enough time to schedule new clients. Who knew? But they all seem to believe that they are much safer with me than some random sadist.}

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