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{With an avalanche of penis enlargement products and devices in the market, I was perplexed at what I would be going for in my personal mission to have a bigger manhood size. This led me to discover the penis extender device known as “Jes-Extender”. To cut the long story short, I bought it and started using it.~With so many penis growth products and methods in the market today, I had a hard time deciding on the one to use to get a bigger penis size. After some contemplation, I decider to give a penis extender device which was called “Jes-Extender”. After the product arrived, I used with much mixed emotions inisde.~The avalanche of penis enlargement methods and products that I had to deal with made it hard for me to decide when I had wanted to grow my prized anatomy one day. After some scouting around and research, I made my purchased of “Jes-Extender”; a penis extender.~I found myself looking for a penis growth product which also could help solve a pr! oblem that has been nagging me for some time now; the curvature of the penis. I did my own research and comparisons and that was what led me to the purchase of “Jes-Extender”; a penis extender which was advertised as being able to grow my penis in addition to straightening my penis.}

{Now, other than size, my main concern was that my penis shape was slightly bent and curved. In other words, I had wanted a penis enlargement device which could also correct my penis shape and the last thing I would want is to go for penis surgeries. Even though penis surgeries are common, I still dread having to subject my poor priceless male anatomy to the hands and knifes of a total stranger. Hence, Jes-Extender was my ideal solution.~You see, I had a penis that was curved and bent to some extent. That was the other main reason that prompted me to get Jes-Extender since it claimed to be able to correct this problem in addition to growing my penis size. I would never go for penis growth surgeries even if it is popular among many men.~The main reason which made me go with this other than other products was its claim that the product could rectify slight curvature of the penis which was just what I had and needed to correct. This is of course without saying in ad! dition to growing my penis size too. So, began my daily use of it for an average of 10 hours or so.~There is nothing that I want rather than a “normal” and healthy sexual life. With a bent penis, there were times when certain positions was just impossible and even cause hurt. I know that surgeries are an option but personally, I don’t feel comfortable going under the knife. Besides, surgeries are costly and hence, the Jes-Extender was my ideal solution.}

{Now, here is my verdict. My curved penis is now a thing of the past and after several short months of daily usage of 10 hours in average, I have succeeded in adding 2 precious inches to my penis length. It was almost unbelievable but the physical size increase could not have lied. My girlfriend was the first to notice this every time we had sex and she has been pleasured to no end due to that.~After using it for several short weeks, I began to notice the slight increase in size. On average, I use it for 10 hours every single day. I was happy and continued using it. Now, after several months, my penis is straight as it used to be and I have succeeded in growing it 2 whole inches in length! Needless to say, me and my girlfriend are both happily making love now all thanks to this wonderful great device!~Me and my girlfriend first noticed the change in size after several short weeks. You cannot imagine my relief. Still, I wanted to have a straight penis and hence co! ntinue using it. After several short months, I finally succeeded in correcting the curvature of my penis and not only that, I had also managed to grow my penis size to a sensational 8 inches (an increase of nearly 2 inches in length)! It improved my sexual performance and level of satisfaction.~I used the penis extender for an average of 10 hours daily. After almost 3 weeks, I had noticed a slight growth in length. Undoubtedly, I was overjoyed and continued using it as I have been using it. Months passed and finally, my penis is no longer curved and bent. It is as straight as can be and not only that, I have managed to grow 2 valuable inches in my penis length!}

{I cannot ask for anything more now that I have a straight and a manhood size that I can be proud of. Jes-Extender is not just any extender; it is THE extender. 5 Stars from me!~If you have a similar problem with me with bent and slight curvature of the penis, Jes-Extender would be the ideal penis enlargement product for you. I give this a maximum 5 (I would give it 10 if it was up to me!). I go round promoting this wonderful device these days with an obvious bulge in my pants!~I recommend the Jes-Extender to all of you who want to have a bigger manhood but more importantly, want a safe and effective way of rectifying your curved penis. I have no limitations in giving this penis extender 5 stars now that I am a changed man. After all, it has helped given me new hope in my life!~With Jes-Extender, me and my girlfriend’s sexual experience has improved leaps and bounds. I doubt any penis enlargement product/method can come close to competing with this perfect 5 star! penis (s)extender! Go ahead and use this if you face a similar situation as me. You won’t be disappointed!}

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