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{Grabbing~Picking up} her {bags~suit cases~purse} Crystal headed towards the {door~exit}. It was {5am~early~very early} on a saturday and she was {scrambling~Rushing} to gather her thoughts and still {half~very} {asleep~tired},remembering if she had everything she {needed~required} for her long {flight home~flight}. {Looking around~Cheching the surroundings} she was {satisfied~happy} she had everything {required~needed~necessary}. {Her~The} husband Derek had {called her~rang}, excited {she~that she} was coming home from a {business trip~the trip}. "See you in a {couple of hours~tick}". With that she {blew~gave} him a kiss over the phone and {rushed~hurried} out the door for the waiting {Taxi~Cab}. {Arriving~getting there} alot earlier than planned, and with {plenty~heaps} of time to spare, she gave herself a wake up call with a {cocktail~drink} or two as she waited for the boarding call. {Sitting~Waiting} quietly enjoying the sound of the rain that had just started, she {checked~looked at} her watch and noted it was time for boarding in {5 minutes~just Seconds}. After she drank the {second~2nd} cocktail she gathered her carry on {bags~case} and walked towards the {ladies room~toilet} to freshen up before being seated on the {plane~air plane}. 

Crystal {caught~got} the attention of a male {by stander~bystander~passanger} and he most {certainly}definately} got hers. He was {gorgeous~sexy} in his white t shirt and his firm fitting {jeans~pants). He was {slightly~just} wet from being out in the {wet weather~rain}. She felt herself instantly {moistening~dripping} as she noticed his {form~muscles} under his shirt. For a start {who is this man~who is he~what is he} she thought and why was she drawn to him {instantly~like this}. She is {married~happily married}. But this {man~person} she cant get out of her {mind~thoughts}. As she is {seated~guided} in the {last~final} aisle, her mind and heart are {racing~throtteling} over this man and how she would {give~do} anything to feel his hard wet body squeezed {against~inside} hers, and to feel the hardness in his {pants~jeans} pressing on her, craving for her, whispering to her to {show him her pretty pussy~show her dripping cunt}. 

The more she {thought~was thinking} about this {stranger~perfect stranger} the more worked up {she got~was getting}. She could feel {between~in bettween} her legs {aching~throbbing} and dripping with the wanting to be {fucked~pumped}.Being at the {back~rear} of the plane she had a little more {privacy~secrecy}, so she felt the urge to {sneak~put} her hands into her {panties~knickers} just to feel {herself~the warmth} in the hope the thoughts of this perfect {stranger~man} would {ease~leave}…"Excuse me {mam~missus}, can i {get~ease} past you please" came a {deep~sexy~manly} voice. {Startled~suprised} she jumped and {looked~stared} up. {Strangely enough~Supprisingly} it was her stranger from {the lobby~the airport}. {Not wanting~Desperate not} to make a big deal about {what she was doing~the rubbing}, {he sat down beside her~sat down}. He {noticed~couldn’t help but notice} her {erect~hard} nipples through her thin satin {shirt~top}. With her {short~mini) skirt showing her {smooth appealing~sexy} legs and her breasts showing {she was aroused~her arrousal} he leant over and whispered to her , "can i be of any {assistance?~help?}" With her blushing {smirk~smile} and her soft {breathing~breath} he knew what she {required~needed~Wanted}. 

Two {perfect strangers~strangers} on a {flight~plane}, both {noticably~very} aroused and wanting to be pleased, he {leant~bent} over to her and placed his hands on her {breasts~tits}. "Tell me you dont want my {cock~massive penis~man meat} in you?" he whispered. She {didnt~couldn’t} pull away and {encouraged~helped} his hands down under her skirt. {To~towards} her awaiting, {bald~smooth} waxed pussy. They both {required~needed~wanted} excitement and she was weary of {being caught~getting discovered}. He {told her~said to} her let go and {enjoy the moment~enjoy me},"I promise {we wont get caught~No body will know}" he assured her. {It was with that~It was then} he started possitioning his {2 fingers~fingers} into her {arching~aching} {Pussy~passage}. She {let out~gave} a soft wanting {cry~moan} pushing him to finger fuck her {deeper~more}. "open your legs a little {wider sweaty~wider} so i can see {you glistening~your wetness}" he encouraged. {As soon as~when she} she positioned herself to be pleased even more {he got down on his knees~he bent down}, never {taking~moving} his eyes {off~from} her, he {parted~opened} her thighs and lowered his {head~mouth}, still {fingering her, he {starting~begun} sucking her clitoris {with hard deep hunger~like a starving man}. Fully {finger fucking~fingering} her and {engourging~using} his tongue and mouth fully {into~inside} her, she let out a {moan~wail}.."oh {GODD~Noooo}, please fuck me {hard~harder}, make me {cum~cumm}!"…"Patience {sweetheart~lovely}" he said. "I want you to {follow~come with} me into the {rest room~toilet}". {With that~Then} he stood up and she could see his raging {hard on~stiffy} and she wanting him {so deep inside her~inside her} {at what ever the cost~no matter what}. {Following~Going} with anticipation they entered {the rest room~the toilet together}.

{She was grabbed with force~He took her} as the door slammed {shut~closed} and was forced down on his {cock~dick}, {swallowing~taking} every inch of him, he {held~grabbed} her head guiding her "{suck me hard~drink me}, take me all in" he {demanded~ordered}. The more he {required~needed~wanted} the more she got {turned on~excited}. PUlling her {hair~head} she could feel his cock thicken {in her~inside her} mouth , he was {telling~saying to} her…"Dont let me {cum~explode}, I {am not~aren’t} finished with you yet". He {pulled~grabbed} her up to her feet and placed {one of her legs~her} over the basin where he was {sitting~seated}…."open your {pussy~cunt} wide for me, you {taste~are} sooooo sweet!!!" the {dirtier~filthier} he got the more she {struggled trying ~needed to try} not to cum.. "{Bend me over and fuck me~Fuck me}, fuck me hard and fast!" she {screamed~moaneed}. He {flipped~positioned} her over the basin so she could see the {aggression~need} in his face, {fucking~humping} her from behind in the mirror. {Holding his hand over her mouth~Fighting} to silence her {screams~wails}. His other hand {massaging~rubbing} her {clitoris~clit}, she could feel his {ever hard~massive} cock and fingers bringing her to orgasm as she began to {twinge and tighten~throb}, and with him feeling her {tightening~comming} he pulled out and picked her up {holding_grabbing} her, with her legs up over {his shoulders~him}. 

{Fucking~Giving} her {till~untill} she almosts {blacks~passes} out. Her screams {cant~cannot} be {muffled~stpped} now, but {they are in a state where~now} they dont care. With his hands {supporting~holding} her bare ass watching himself {thrusting~pumping} in and out of her, he feels himself building up to {explode~climax}. "OOOOOooooooo Im {cumming~exploding}" he {explodes to her~releases inside}. He {reaches~grabs} down further and {massages~takes} her {ass~bottom}, finding her ever tight {ass~rear}, and thrusts his {thumb~finger} in her ass while his cock is deeply in her {pussy~throbbing pussy}. She screams "OH {MY GOD~My} YES FUCK ME…" With that her {pussy~passage} is going into absolute {chaos~shudders} as his cock is pulsating and oozing his juices all {inside~through} her. So much so she is leaking all her juices. Her {clitoris~clit} is tender and she {orgasms~cums} like she has never done before. Her {pussy~vagina} is so tight after being {fucked and cumming~fucked}. He {pulls out of her~extracts} and tells her to lick of all the {cum~juices} off his cock after he drinks her juices from her {pussy~cunt}. They {swapped~exchange} a deep passionate kiss and laugh, after {catching~getting} their breathe, "Hi {my name is~I am} Damian, {pleased~Glad} to {meet~meat} you." "Nice to meet you {Damian~my man} I am Crystal". They hear the {fasten seat belt~landing} signal, so it must be time {to be landing~to land} shortly. "welcome to the {mile high club~Club}" he whispers. 

{With that he leaves the cubicle~Then he leaves}. Crystal {composes~gets} herself together and {walks~goes} back to {her seat~the aisle}. Damian {was not there~had dissapeared}. Maybe the {hostesses~attendants} knew what happened and {removed~taken} him? She {took her seat~got seated}, {satisfied~glad} she got the fucking she had long {required~needed~wanted} in her life, it {didnt~did not} matter where her handsome stranger was {seated~at}. 

{After~Because after} all he was a stranger….. Now {composed~ready} Crystal walked calmly from the {plane~air plane} and was the last person off {ensuring~making sure} she was {decsent,comfortable} going into the waiting arms of her {husband~loving husband}. Trying not to {look and sound~appear} suspicious she did all she could to focus on {him~the husband} now as her mile high stranger {was long gone~had dissapeared} and a quick fling never hurt {anyone~those that don’t know}. No sooner had they {returned~got} home, they had organised a {dinner party~get together} for the return home with friends and {family~colleges}. Upon {arriving~getting} to her best mates place, {in whom~whom} she hadnt seen in {months~years}, from thier busy schedules…"before we {head~go} out i have someone i want you to meet finally" she said. "{Honey~Sweety} come outside and meet my {best~bestest} buddy before its {another few months i dont see her~she dissapears again}" Said Crystals {mate~friend} Melissa. With that a {tall handsome~sexy} man appeared {in the door way~siloetted in the door}. "Hi {I am~I’m} Damian" he said…then he {looked up~seen her}………… silence {over came~came over} them both…. "{uh uh oh , Hi Damian~UMMMM Hi} I am Crystal, nice to finally meet Mels {MYSTERY~Secret} man ". 

{Neither of them said anything more~Nothing More was said}, although they both knew {should~If the} opportunity arises again and {no one knew~it was possible}… They would {fuck~definately fuck} again. It was {the thrill of it all~thrilling}, and being mile high as well it has stayed an exciting secret {between them~only known to them}.

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