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{If you would have asked me a few hours ago, I would have never been able to tell you I would land myself on my female boss’ bed with her busty secretary in tow. I never thought about my boss as being a sexual creature, so to speak She was always so boringly dressed and did the most boring things that I never thought she could have fun.~I never expected I would land up thus—naked on my female boss’ bed, with her naked as well and her big-boobed secretary also equally naked My boss was always just that to me—my employer—I never ever thought that she was capable of a sexual life. She always wore such off-putting clothes that you won’t burn me at the stake for thinking so. I never thought she could—well—have fun~At any other time before this, I would never have believed this could happen to me. That I would be lying like this, unclothed, on my boss’ large king-sized bed with her and her secretary just as naked on my either side. It is what most men could die for, but I never thought of my boss in a sexual context. No, forgive me already, it wasn’t me; it was those drab clothes she always wears. I never thought this woman was capable of letting her hair loose enough to have sex.}

{So when she met me in the bar with her secretary dancing as close to each other as they possibly could, it was a bolt from the blue.~But my perspective changed totally when I caught her dancing with her secretary at the bar, a little too close for comfort.~However, today when I suddenly saw her in the bar dancing so very close with her big boobies secretary that my whole viewpoint of her changed.}

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{When they saw me, they came over and made the most indecent proposal I ever got. “Hi James,” the boss said. “Want to have fun with us tonight?”~And they saw me sitting there, drinking too. The boss then came up to me and said, “Hello James, yes, this is us. Care to join in our fun tonight?”~They saw me as well. I was with myself and was dunking my loneliness in a Jack Daniels. These dames come up to me and say—Hi there, James. Wanna play with us?}

{I had nothing to lose. You can’t get closer to your boss any other way. I agreed. Seems they wanted a toyboy to join into their usual dyke experience. Well, I wasn’t complaining why should I?~Well, why shouldn’t I? This is the experience every guy lives for—getting a chance to fuck two dyke pussies. I went, a little bit too eagerly I thought.~I thought—Why shouldn’t I go? The boss looks great right now. And there’s Ms Big Boobs as well. What kind of man would pass up this chance?}

{So here I was, on her bed, naked with two naked women who couldn’t get enough of each other. I was the center of attraction, though, and the women were going all over me. Their big boobs all around my face, their lesbian pussies brushing against the sides of my legs if heaven is somewhere, this could probably be it.~And so here I am now. On their bed, with their two naked bodies brushing against mine almost everywhere. They are on either side of me and reaching out to feel each other’s boobs and cunts. I am smothered by boobs and am elated at the warm hands on my cock. I could lie like this, like, forever~Well, that landed me here. The bed is comfy, but not as comfy as the two female bodies that are lying on either side of me. Their boobs are all over me, and their cunts are rubbing against my cock. Their hands are checking me out as though I were a novelty and they are playing with themselves. They are touching each other like there would never be a tomo rrow.}

{The girls went on with each other. My boss began fingering her secretary’s pussy which was shaven as clean as it could. The fingering was slow at first and then became faster. I could see the clit, standing and taunting me. I got my cock into the secretary’s mouth. While I squat over her face and humped her mouth, I reached out for my boss’ boobs. Big, round, juicy, creamy~Their play is now heating up. The boss is checking out the secretary’s cunt with her finger. A very clean-shaven and neat pussy. I am impressed. She begins by slow caressing with her fingertip and then gains momentum. Her clit is right there—I can see it all worked up—and I am so excited. I need a mouth over my cock. Yes, the secretary is perfectly positioned. And right, those are my boss’ boobs. Well, I never knew they were so large under her suits~Yes, they are getting worked up, and I want to watch it. The boss has put the secretary into doggy style pose and she is checking o ut her cunt now. I take a look and it’s a great pussy. Shaven to perfection. Love that one. The boss is a good fingerer. She starts slow and works it up. In a little while, she is in a frenzy. I am hard. I take my erection to the secretary’s mouth. She takes it up like it was the juiciest sausage she ever saw. I play with my boss’ boobs.}

{It was now my turn to do my boss. I got her to lay flat on the bed. The secretary was still servicing my cock, but my attention was now on my boss’ pussy, which I knew I would tear apart tonight I hoisted her legs. Her pussy was shaven too, but not as cleanly as the secretary’s. I parted it with my fingers. It had a darker labia and bright pink inside. Inside, I could see a wonderful dark pink clit. I touched it. She quivered. I smiled.~It was good lip service, thanks secretary, but now I got to do my boss. I take her slowly and lay her on her back. The secretary isn’t letting go of my dick and my nuts. She enjoys them—quite a revelation for this lesbian, I suppose. The boss is great though, my attention is on her. I spread her legs. Great pussy. Not as perfectly shaven as the secretary’s, but sumptuous nonetheless. I check it with my fingers. Behind that dark brown fold there is pink and a very shapely clit. I touch it. It’s like a button that sets her into vibration mode.~I would now like to put my erection into my boss’ pussy. The adventure of that is driving me mad. But the secretary seems to have taken a liking to my cock and she isn’t letting it go Well, you can never tell with these dykes what they will start liking suddenly. I am checking my boss’ pussy. It is great. A brown rim and inside a very pink clit. I touch it. She quivers like a sow in labor. I like it all the more. I can do that to my boss}

{Slowly, I took my cock out from the secretary’s mouth. She reluctantly let go. Then I directed it into this juicy pussy. I felt the moist warmth and gave a big sigh. The secretary went over to the boss’ face and began getting her pussy licked.~Secretary, please release my cock from your mouth. Thanks. I now put that into my boss’ cunt. Well, how many men get to do that? It is warm and well I like it. The secretary is now all over the boss’ face, who is nibbling at her cunt.~I make the secretary let go off my cock and balls. She is reluctant but does it. I then take my erect package into my boss’ pussy. Great, warm feeling. I love this one. The secretary goes over to squat on the boss’ face. She gets her pussy licked by her boss.}

{It was morning when we let go off each other. Needless to say, we were all late for work.~Oh, is that morning already? Crap, we shall be horribly late for work~Drat, it’s morning Have to go to work But, no worries, the most important part of our office is here getting fucked by me}

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