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{There are some things that men are apparently completely unable to live without. Recent surveys have indicated that there are five that are more popular than others, these are; the Top Five Men’s Gadgets of all Time:~After careful survey it appears that the top five all time gadgets that men are completely unable to survive with are as follows:~Surveys are designed for marketing purposes, and they are useful for this industry, but they are also useful in that they provide us with interesting information too. For instant the top 5 men’s gadgets of all time, check these out}

{1. The home theatre kit or in a pinch the wide-screen TV – Modern technology has brought us HD TV’s, surround sound, Blue Ray DVD’s (these are not porn it is a DVD format) and it is possible to bring the theatre into your living room.~Number 1: Modern technology brings us the ultimate toys for boys HD, Blue Ray DVD’s, the wide screen television and surround sound. Put these items together in one room and you have the number one gadget that men cannot live without, the Home Theatre System~Number one: Boys love TV’s particularly the wide screen, HD variety, but like their penises, the bigger the better. Add to that surround sound and the latest Blue Ray DVD player and you have the Home Theatre Kit.}

{While these gadgets are expensive, if you are a movie fan, it costs a fortune for a theatre ticket, the justification to your wife is that in the long run, this will save money~Justify the expense to your wife by telling her the initial expenditure will soon be off-set by the amount of money you save by not having to go out to the movies any longer.~Although expensive to begin with, the justification most men use for this top gadget is the money it will save on popcorn and movie tickets}

{2. The Home Brewing Kit – Long ago, 25 years back in the UK, my uncle was making wines from pea pods, potato peels, strawberries and even flowers. He was considered strange, now he is considered a master wine-maker and everyone else wants in on the action.~Number 2: Many years ago my uncle used to save all kinds of things to make wine, potato peels and pea pods being two of his favorites. He made a dry white wine from pea pods that was crisp and delicious when chilled.~Number two: The Home Brewing Kit , a long time ago one of my favorite uncles was thought strange fro he penchant for making wine out of all kinds of odds and ends, potato peels, green pea pods and elderberry flowers. Today he is considered to be the master}

{This is one of the top selling Christmas gifts ever, forget going to the local pub, put up your own brew and wines, together with your home theatre set, you can have your own little boys club-house.~Today Home Brewing kits are a number one best seller and people take lessons from my uncle who is not considered a master home brewer. This item tops Christmas gift lists and you will make friends with your home brewing skills, especially if your friends can test samples while they watch the game on your home theatre system.~Home brewing kits are at the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list and they sell like hotcakes at this time of year. The boys are going to love your new booze making skills even more than they love your home theatre system..}

{3. The iPod – this gizmo is not only popular with men, but the best thing about it is you can record as many movies and as much music as you like, buy a docking station and play these through your home theatre set, while having a few drinks from your home brewing kit with your mates. Your house is going to be a neighborhood favorite stop over. 173 million iPods have been sold world-wide.~Number 3: The iPod, a gadget worshipped by men and women from toddlers to 90 year olds. Music, movies and photos in your pocket, wherever you go, whenever you want. Add an iPod docking station to the wish list and this can be connected to your home theatre system. The boys are going to love you when you air some of your iPod stored home movies, and pass samples of the latest brew on your boys night in~Number three: The iPod, a gadget not only revered by men, and 173 million of these little gizmos have been sold. It records and plays back movies and music, and can also store lo ads of photos, Hide your porn from your wife in this with password protect. Buy a docking station and play your porn to your mates through your home theatre system why you sample your skills in home brewing.}

{4. The Powermat – This is the source that powers your home theatre system and the refrigerator you need to keep the home brew cold. You don’t have to install a plug socket or have long wires trailing to the nearest power outlet. Wires that you might trip over if you have sampled too many tots from your home brew kit. It is the ultimate, wireless electricity source.~Number 4: The Powermat, this is simply amazing, it is a completely wireless power source that can be used anywhere in the home to power anything. No wires to trip over if you are watching your iPod movies on your home theatre system and sampling the brew from your home brewing kit at the same time.~Number four: The Powermat, an amazing gadget, it is a power source, that you can use to place your home theatre kit and home brew filled fridge right next to you. No ugly wires and no need for a power socket. Don’t know how it works, but apparently it does, you will not trip over any loose wires if yo u sample too much home brew while you are watching iPod porn movies with all your new best friends. This is a wireless power source.}

{5. SizeGenetics – Men have been fascinated with the size of their penis and enlarging it for 2000 years. They have used devices from tying a rock to the end of it, to sticking a rod down it. Size genetics is medically recognized as the safest rout to natural penis enlargement. Both length and girth.~Number 5: The most important all time favorite gadget – “SizeGenetics” A medically approve device to enlarge both the length and girth of your penis. Men have been obsessed with enlarging their penis for millennia. They have resorted to weighting it and sticking strange gadgets down it, but fortunately modern technology has done away with these methods .~Number five: Probably the most important of the lot “SizeGenetics” the ultimate penis enlarger. For more than 2 000 years we have proof that men have been obsessed with the size of their penis. Nothing wrong with that But resorting to length like tying a rock to the end of it and sticking rods down it i s pushing the ticket a bit far. This gadget is medically approved to increase length and girth.}

{This is one gadget you are not going to want to share with the neighborhood boys, but if the ladies get to hear about it They may be telling their men they are coming over to watch movies on your home theatre system, through the iPod docking station, powered by the powermat while they sample some of your home made plonk. But they would be telling lies~It is doubtful that you are going to invite your new best friends to share in the joy of Size Genetics. But there is no harm in inviting the ladies over to see the results, as well as your home theater system, sample your latest crisp dry white wine, listen to some soft, iPod generated music and see how tidy your wires are.~This gadget you won’t want to share with your friends, but you could always share the results of it with the neighborhood ladies, while you woo them with chick flicks, iPod music and home made, Blanc de Blanc.}

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