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{We were all waiting for the final member of our hiking team to show up, when this gorgeous, blonde, long legged, busty woman appeared, sporting a short khaki skirt and a white midriff t-shirt. She came right up to me and said, ‘I know you’re hiking team is full, but please let me come with you. I’ve always wanted to camp out in Yosemite.’~My hiking team and I were still missing one member. From nowhere, the most beautiful, blonde girl walks up to me. Her khaki skirt was short and her midriff white t shirt hinted at perky tits. She begged to be allowed on our team as she had never been to Yosemite before.~We were about to hike in to Yosemite, and the only thing that kept my hiking team was our last member. From behind me, I heard someone say, “ can I please join you guys? I really want to come”. I turned around to face a hot blonde who was in a short khaki skirt and white mid riff shirt. Her long legs almost ended near her perfectly rounded breasts.}

{I agreed immediately, hypnotized by her smile. It seemed like she was licking her lips, or maybe I was just imagining it. After the last member of our team finally came, we made our way. As I was setting a good pace for the team, I thought about her strange accent. “I’m from Sweden, if you’re wondering”, it was that voice again. She was now walking in front of me. I said yes when she asked if I was the tour guide.~It could have just been me, but it seemed like she was licking her lips when speaking to me. And that smile of hers… I said yes. We embark on our hike once the final member arrived. I walked ahead, and I was trying to figure out what her accent was, when she caught up with me. She told me she was from Sweden and asked me if I was the tour guide, to which I said yes.~Her smile was mesmerizing, and I don’t know if it was me, but I distinctly remember her licking her lips when saying that. Of course I agreed. The final member arrived, and we h! eaded out. As I was trying to place her strange accent, she strolls up to me and asks if I was the tour guide. Feeling a little nervous, I answer her in the affirmative. She was from Sweden, I learned.}

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{Her scent was intoxicating and her every move was making the little guy in my pants perk up. Finally, we reach the campsite. After we set up and got all the chores out of the way, I embarked on a small walk to a nearby stream.~Her every move to me had a sexual connotation to it, and it only made me hard each time I watched her. Her smell was also an aphrodisiac. After we had set up camp at our campsite, I decided to cool off a little, and headed for a nearby stream.~I could feel myself throbbing against my pants whenever I caught a whiff of her scent or watched her move. When we reached the campsite, I was eager to get away and cool off. After setting up camp, I made my way to a stream located close by.}

{I was sitting by the bank when I heard a rustling sound behind me. I turned, and it was her. The sweat on her body glistened, and she lay down next to me. Her t shirt was all sweaty and clinging to her beautiful breasts.~I heard someone walk up behind me, and it turned out to be her. The beads of sweat on her body glistened as she sat down next to me. I secretly appreciated her figure, which was framed by her wet, clingy t shirt.~I was sitting on the banks when she came and lay down next to me. There were small beads of sweat all over her body and her white midriff t shirt was already slightly wet and clinging to her body.}

{“Wow, this bra is really tight. Do you mind if I take it off?” I said no, of course not. She expertly takes her bra out from under her t shirt, which then clings to her breasts, outlining her perky nipples. I immediately go hard, and she notices it instantly.~She wants to know if it’s all right for her to take her bra off because it was really tight. Who am I to complain? She puts her hand underneath her shirt and takes her bra off. Her wet shirt outlined her pointed nipples, and this visual made me hard. She immediately notices.~She started taking her bra off from under her shirt, and when she noticed me looking, asked if I minded. Of course I did not mind. Now, her wet shirt clung to her tits, which were at full attention. She noticed that I formed a tent in my pants.}

{“Do you like this?” Without waiting for my answer, she reaches for my hand and places it under her shirt, on her breast. “I bet you like this”, she said. I couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth.~She asks me if I like it, and before I could manage an answer, she takes my hand and wraps it around her breasts. When she said “I bet you like this”, I could hardly control myself. I stick my tongue in her mouth and kiss her like there’s no tomorrow.~“If you liked that, you’re gonna love this next one”, she said seductively. I felt her soft, supple breast when she took my hand and it placed it there. It was all I could do to not have my way with her then and there. I did grab her and kiss her though. I could not help it.}

{I started massaging her breast vigorously. She falls back and I get on top of her. My hand reaches down to her pussy and finds that she’s not wearing any underwear. My fingers stroke her clit and are engulfed in her cum. I bring it up to my mouth and suck that sweet juice.~My hands massaged her supple breasts. I straddle her and reach for her pussy, only to find her underwear missing. The feeling of her wetness swirling around my fingers just made me want to lick it. And I did.~My hands worked their magic on her tender breasts and she lies down while I get on top. My first thought was to remove her underwear, but I found out soon that she wasn’t wearing any. I let my fingers slip in to her wet pussy and I lick her delicious juices off my fingers.}

{She rolls me over and pulls my pants off. I appear hard and standing tall. She takes my big cock in her mouth and she starts deep throating me. She’s moaning and I’m moaning. I feel like I’m about to cum, but I want her. She then lifts her skirt and sits on my dick.~She gets on top of me and yanks my pants off, only to find that I’m a well endowed guy, who is hard as hell. In one quick motion, I was in her mouth, and she was sucking my dick up and down. We both moan, and that only makes me want her more. She pulls my cock under her skirt and I enter.~She turns me and straddles me while taking my pants off. Seeing my hardness, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it hard. I moaned as she moaned in utter pleasure. I reach for her skirt but she’s faster than me. She had already lifted it and I plunged in to her pussy.}

{The motion of her going up and down on my cock was unbelievable. Her boobs were shaking and I reached up and sucked her left tit hard. I suck it and bite it and she screams with passion. Finally, I blow my load in to her sweet cunt. There’s nothing like nature.~I was watching her ride me and I couldn’t resist sucking her boobs hard. Her wet cunt was doing their magic on my dick and I eventually came in her pussy. There is nothing better than having sex out in the open.~Her boobs shook as she rode my dick hard. I grab them and suck each one and let my tongue play around with her tits. It was too much for me to handle and I immediately come all over her sweet pussy. Sex is so much better when it’s done outside.}

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