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{I strolled down the crowded street trying to avoid body contact with the hundreds of sweaty holiday makers I shared this Island with, when my eye caught a group of people cheering enthusiastically. As I joined the group of seemingly appreciative spectators my eyes locked with the girl they all were watching.~On a hot sweaty afternoon I tried to avoid the crowds on the Island holiday beach by going for a walk. Enthusiastic cheers caught my attention as I saw group circling a beach act. As I joined the group of mainly men, my eyes fell upon those of a girl dancing with her sister in a display of sheer beauty.~Since my arrival on this tropical Island, my horny search for a woman drove me wild with anticipation, so I decided to explore the beach. A group gathered on the beach cheered with loud cat calls, so I went over to explore. As I broke into the circle, my eyes were caught by a busty girl and her sister dancing for the audience.}

{In a small clearing on the beach two sisters were doing a very erotic dance with a thick rope entangling their bodies. As they twirled and twisted their bodies the rope played on their skins like a snake. I was hooked, especially as the one sister kept looking at me, filling me with lusty expectations crawling down my spine.~A thick silk rope wrapped skillfully round their perfect bodies as they moved in a dance that was filled with lust. With the rope as their only prop, they resembled three snakes having skill full and deliberate intercourse. My heart started racing as my body started to react to this sweaty display of alluring beauty. Our eyes met frequently as they kept watching me.~The sisters worked their beautiful bodies round a silk rope that entangled them in a skill full dance routine. My mouth went dry as I watched this erotic dance and I wished to be part of it right now. Our eyes kept meeting as they obviously sized me up.}

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{The younger of the two performers unexpectedly slipped a loop of the rope round my waist and pulled me into the dance. Their warm sweaty bodies slipped over mine in a twisted display of enticement. My arousal came spontaneous as one of them slowly ran her hands down my Speedo front.~Without warning, the younger slipped the rope round me and pulled me into her warm embrace. I felt my arousal grow as they rubbed and slithered their hot bodies all over mine. Without warning I felt a hand slip down my swimming trunks.~Careful what you wish for, I thought as I found myself being dragged into the dance by the rope. I never expected this, but gave myself completely to these women as they slid and twisted their hot bodies all over me. I felt myself growing hard and nearly exploded as one of them quickly slipped her hand down my trunks.}

{As quickly as they drew me into their lusty play, I was ejected again, leaving me aching for their touch. I simply had to have more of them. I felt something in my trunks and pulled out a card with their hotel name and room number on it.~Just before my aroused state could not be hidden from the crowd anymore, the girls playfully pushed me out of their lusty dance circle. I craved the need for their touch and slipped my hand into my own trunks where she fondled me seconds ago. To my surprise I found their contact detail on a piece of paper she shoved in there.~Without any warning the sisters ejected me from the act, but I simply could not walk away – I had to have more of them. As I adjusted my hard on, I found a piece of paper the girl slipped in there with their room number on it.}

{Hours later I submitted to the rope again, this time wrapped securely round my hands with both girls giggling and playing with my shorts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed their hot mouths as they discovered what they felt up earlier on the beach.~Just before my aroused state could not be hidden from the crowd anymore, the girls playfully pushed me out of their lusty dance circle. I craved the need for their touch and slipped my hand into my own trunks where she fondled me seconds ago. To my surprise I found their contact detail on a piece of paper she shoved in there.~Soon I found myself tied to their bed with the silk rope as they enjoyed each others bodies in full view, only stopping to seduce me with their hot tongues slowly covering my whole body with lusty kisses.}

{Their bodies moved over mine in which felt like molten lava flowing all over me, filling me with explosive cravings to taste them. The rope entangled my whole body by now as they playfully rolled all over me only stopping to lick the exposed areas of my skin.~A short few hours later, I found myself tied up by the same silky rope on their hotel bed. My whole body enjoyed every lick and kiss that the sisters planted all over me as they worked their way down to my hardened cock.~Their dance act continued as the wrapped the rope completely round my body, leaving me completely open to their mercy. I tasted their bodies as the offered me little licks and kisses.}

{Pinned on my back I had no choice but to deliver this moment into their skillful hands, so I gave an appreciative groan. As if signaled, the younger of the two straddled my pounding manhood, slowly letting herself being filled. I felt the rope push down on my belly as her full weight sat down on me. Heaven must have silk ropes, as this entanglement blew away the last inhibition I ever had.~Slowly but securely they bound my whole body in rope, leaving me craving for them as they enjoyed every inch of my manhood. Their skillful dance of lust left my whole body burning with desire.~The girls broke from their passionate kissing to focus all of their attention on me. I went to heaven as one of them slipped my deep inside her, slowly taking every inch I had to offer. I fought the restraints of the rope as she skillfully rode my pounding manhood deep inside her.}

{As I got fucked slowly, the other sister slowly dragged her body across my face letting my tongue explore every inch of her toned body as she offered heavenly treats one at a time.~Helpless on my back I could only groan as the younger sister slowly straddled my pounding cock and I felt her warmth deep inside her. The rope tightened as she held onto it in a wild frenzy of riding me like the wild kitten she was.~Our fucking continued with the sisters taking turns to exploit my helplessly tied down body. The build up nearly killed me as they teased me into a frenzy of lust for them both. I felt like caged animal – exactly what they had in mind when they tied me down.}

{Hours later the three of us exploded in groans and moans, the rope all forgotten on the floor next to the bed.~They took turns to ride me violently, taking me to the edge over and over again, but never allowing my explosion to fill any of them.. The girls dragged their whole bodies over my tied down face allowing me to taste every bit they had to offer. Eventually I was let out of my restraints which lead to many more hours of sweaty lovemaking the silk rope all forgotten.~Eventually the rope was loosened and I was allowed to take them one by one. Our sex fest continued into the night as we discovered every inch of each other’s bodies.}

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