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{Men are known to think about sex almost all the time, even fantasize about it. They have a reputation that they will never let an opportunity pass and won’t miss a single sight that comes their way. But, what really needs to be understood here is that women fantasize about sex in almost the same manner as men do.~The male human species carry a reputation that they think more than necessary about sex. It is said that they will always think objectively about women. But, it must be said here that women also fantasize about having sex, though not in the way that men do.~All men are known to be active thinkers of sex. People speak about how they are always thinking about women and sex. However, the fact of the matter is that women also think about sex a lot. But, of course, there are differences in the way both think about sex.}

{There are differences though. While male fantasies are more of a visual kind, female fantasies are more cerebral. While men may get aroused when they see a nice pair of breasts or legs, women don’t get aroused that easily. That is the reason foreplay is an important part of sex.~Now, it needs to be pointed out that the way women fantasize about sex is much different from the way men do. Men think more visually. They think about the graphic details like legs or breasts. But women think more cerebrally. They want to get excited not through the eyes but through the mind. That’s precisely the reason why women like foreplay so much.~The differences are quite significant actually. When men fantasize, they prefer “seeing” things that arouse them. But women prefer “preparing a mental image”. Their sex fantasies are more creative than the sex fantasies of men who like the direct approach. In fact, this is why women enjoy foreplay more than men do.}

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{A stimulating conversation could act as effectively as an aphrodisiac for a woman, while men are aroused by a mere touch. Men must understand that women get turned on in a different way than they do and that is when they can have a good sexual relationship with them. The following are some things that men must do in order to get their women aroused.~There are women who can get greatly turned on just by an arousing conversation. Men, however, will prefer to get aroused by something that physically or visually touches them. But, men should know what women really want. They must understand that the arousal for women is different from theirs and they should be sensitive. If you want to make your woman really happy, here are some ways that you can go about it.~Women can get aroused even as they talk about something that excites them. But, it does not work that way in men. Men need to have more physical and visual stimuli. However, men should be sensitive to the demands of their women also. They must understand that women are driven by other things than they are. This is how to keep a sexual relationship working. These are some things that you can use:-}

{1. Say things to her that will make her happy. Women like to hear good things about themselves; it actually turns them on. If you tell them that she is driving you nuts, the whole sexual experience will improve several times over.~1. Tell something to the woman that gives her great pleasure. Probably, you could tell her something about herself, i.e. how good she is in bed, how good she looks, etc. When you appease your woman through such banter, she will reciprocate in good measure.~1. Make your woman happy by telling her things that she would like to hear. You could praise her looks and her performance in bed. When you say such things, women are completely bowled over and they will actually perform better.}

{2. Prolong the foreplay. Women want more of it than men. Foreplay must include things like kissing, fondling, caressing and even playing with her hair. This is what makes her wet down below, making the sexual act a highly pleasurable experience.~2. Gift your woman a more extensive foreplay. Men don’t lay much stock by this preliminary activity, but it is important that you participate in it to keep your woman happy. This can include fondling and caressing her, kissing her and playing with her body in other ways.~2. Foreplay is very important for women. Indulge in that generously. Though men don’t care much for foreplay, it is important for women and hence should not be glossed over.}

{3. Don’t leave any part of her body un caressed or unkissed.~3. Try to touch every nook and cranny of the woman’s body.~3. Women like being touched. Touch her everywhere.}

{4. One great way of getting her aroused is to stimulate her orally before you expect her to do the same to you. This can make her go berserk.~4. Oral stimulation also works quite well in arousing the female. If you take the lead here, the woman is quite likely to give you what she got.~4. Women also like getting orally stimulated, just as men do. If your woman is inhibited about giving you head, you could set the example by doing it on her first. She is sure to follow your example.}

{5. Remember that a sexual experience with a woman is not confined to the bed. If you gift her flowers, take her to a nice meal, simply hold hands for a while, the woman is going to be putty in your hands when it comes to sex later on.~5. Also, you have to bear in mind that the woman is always kept happy. She might enjoy the single things in life such as a good meal, holding hands while eating and so on.~5. Take care of the woman throughout the sexual act and even otherwise. Even things like taking her out shopping and treating her to a sumptuous dinner might lead her to have good sex with you afterward.}

{You might be trying to think now how these things fit in with what her fantasies are. The point here is to make the woman comfortable so that she has complete faith in you. When that happens, she won’t mind sharing her innermost fantasies with you.~If you are thinking how all these points tie in with her fantasies, you must remember that women that secretive by nature. However, if you can make her trust you completely, she will confide her innermost fantasies to you.~Now, you might be thinking what all this has to do with the fantasies she harbours. But, you must realize that most women won’t speak upfront about the fantasies that they have. You have to make her trust you completely. When she does that, she will slowly open out to you.}

{If the woman begins to realize that you really care for her, she will come willingly in your arms. She will not speak of her fantasies right away, but as she begins to trust in you more and more, she will begin opening up to you.~Women who are sure that their men really love them don’t mind public display of their emotions. For example, they will not hesitate from embracing a man in public.~Women are demonstrative. If they understand that you care for them, they will even do things like hug you in public.}

{It is also possible that the two of you have some common fantasies. If that is the case, it is truly great because you can play it out together. If you understand this connection, the woman will open out quicker and be willing to try out the fantasy.~The most interesting thing is when you and her have some fantasies about the same thing. If that happens, you could broach the subject about your fantasies and a lot more can emerge.~It is great if you and your woman share fantasies. If that is the case, you could get involved in them together and have a truly marvellous time.}

{The woman’s fantasies are just as important to the overall sexual act as your fantasies are. You have to make sure that she is looked after in every way possible. If not, she will be dissatisfied and that is one of the reasons why some relationships fail.~You are certainly quite possessive about your fantasies. You have to realize that women think the same way about their fantasies too. Do not leave her high and dry or the relationship itself might begin floundering.~Your fantasies mean a lot to you. The same applies for your woman too. You should not leave her wanting when you want yourself to be satiated in every manner.}

{Keep an open line of conversation and take good care of your woman. When she feels that you are trustworthy, she will voluntarily start speaking of her fetishes and fantasies to you.~The best way to ensure your relationship keeps alive is to keep communicating with her. You have to work at building the trust. When that happens, the fantasies slowly start coming out.~Keep an open line of communication. Don’t be hesitant to talk about sex with her. Let her feel comfortable with the topic. Then you will find her fantasies tumbling out.}

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