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{We have all heard too often that women have it in them to fake orgasms. Why do they do that? There are many reasons. Mostly, the men are too rushed. Usually, they seek their own pleasure when it comes to sex. Women do feel competed against and when they see their men coming earlier than them, they don’t want to be left behind either. They fake that they are satisfied too.~Women are known to fake orgasms, but not many men know why they do so. Actually, the reasons lie with both the man and the woman participating in the sexual episode. Men sometimes accomplish their task too hurriedly, looking only after what they want. In such situations, women might feel affronted, and just to keep up with their men, they fake orgasms to show that they are done too.~We all know that women fake orgasms, and probably your woman is doing that too. But can you tell that? Or can you tell why she is doing that? Truthfully speaking, the reason lies with the man as well as the woman.! Men may be too rushed in the act, thinking only about themselves. If that happens, women feel that they have to measure up and when they cannot, they fake it.}

{Let us try to see how women get their orgasms. One of the ways to do this is through stimulating their clitorises and the other is to arouse their G spot. The G spot is much more sensitive than the clitoris. If a woman has experienced G spot stimulation, she will most likely not be satisfied through mere clitoral excitement. In other cases, that would work.~There are two main ways in which you can stimulate a woman to her orgasm. One of the ways is through arousing her clitoris and another way is through arousing her G spot. The G spot is a much more effective stimulator than the clitoris. It is true that if a woman has been stimulated on her G spot previously, she will not be stimulated through her clitoris.~You can bring a woman to her orgasm by rubbing her clitoris or by exciting her G spot. But, remember, a woman who has previously had an orgasmic experience through her G spot is unlikely to respond to clitoral stimulation in the same way.}

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{But for most women, clitoral stimulation is mandatory for orgasm. Women who aren’t stimulated in this or another similar way are most likely faking their orgasm. If you know you haven’t done anything special for her and still she gets an orgasm, she is probably faking it.~However, stimulating the clitoris works for most women. If you don’t stimulate a woman on her G spot or her clitoris and she still seems to experience an orgasm, then it is probably fake.~But, generally speaking, women like their clitorises to be handled by their men. You must know this. Now, if your woman claims she has got an orgasm even though you haven’t touched her clitoris or her G spot, then she is most probably lying to you.}

{There are various ways in which you can tell if she is putting you on.~Actually, you can tell if your woman is fooling you into believing that she has had an orgasm.~And, it is possible for you to tell whether her orgasm is true or not.}

{Shallow Moaning~Check her Moaning~Is her Moaning Justified?}

{Women moan during sex. But if her moans are too dramatic (you could tell), something is not right. In most cases, you will find that the moans are out of place. She is moaning even when nothing special is going on.~All women moan when they are having sex. This is natural. But if you get the feeling that her moans are much too feigned, then that is probably the case. If her moans are mismatched with what is happening, something is surely wrong.~Women moan when they are having a hot sexual episode. This happens naturally. However, if you think that your woman is moaning at all the wrong places, then the moaning is forced, not real. You have to see if she moans to your stimulation or just like that.}

{The PC Muscle~Feel the PC Muscle~Are you feeling her PC Muscle?}

{When a woman nears orgasm, a muscle at the base of her pelvis, known as the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) goes wild. It gets such strong spasms that your penis feels gripped by it. If that doesn’t happen, you can become suspicious of what’s going on.~The PC muscle plays an important role in a woman’s orgasm. When she is truly excited, this muscle will contract and you will feel your penis being gripped by it. If that doesn’t happen, it could be a fake orgasm.~You must also get acquainted with her pubococcygeal muscle. This muscle, also known as the PC muscle, is located at the base of the pelvis. When she is close to her orgasm, this muscle must experience vigorous spasms and you must feel your penis being clasped. If that is not happening, something is amiss.}

{Fake Heavy Breathing~Suspicious Breathing Patterns~How does she breathe?}

{Women who experience orgasms breathe heavily for several moments afterward. But if your woman breathes heavily and then suddenly shuts it off, she is not experiencing the real thing.~It is normal for women to breathe heavily when she has an orgasm, but this should continue for a while. If it stops abruptly, you can guess she had been pretending all the time.~Check her breathing patterns too. All women breathe heavy when they are experiencing orgasms. But if you find that she breathes for a while and then suddenly stops, then it is not the real thing.}

{These are just indications that she is faking her orgasm actually, but the chances are high.~What we mentioned here were just some signals that she might be faking an orgasm. However, the chances that she is faking are high.~These are a few hints for you to understand that your woman might be faking. They are true almost all the time, so you know what you should be looking for.}

{Now, this is precious. Here is an important reason why women fake their orgasms.~Let us talk about something very important now. Why do women fake orgasms?~We can now talk about an important aspect of this – why do some women fake their orgasms?}

{It is highly likely that this woman never experienced an orgasm in her life and does not know what it is. She might not want to let her man know that and so she goes right ahead and fakes it.~You might be surprised to know that there are many sexually active women around who have never experienced orgasms. These women don’t know what it is like. At the same time, they might feel it embarrassing to let her man know that. So what does she do? She pretends.~It is actually quite surprising for most men to know that a lot of sexually active women have never experienced orgasms at all, just because men seem to get them so easily. But it’s true. And such women won’t want their men to know that. Hence, they go ahead and pretend that they have had it.}

{Some women never experience orgasms because their bodies are different from other women’s. They may not be producing enough lubrication or they might have thin walls around the vagina.~The sexual biology of one woman is different from the other. Hence, one woman might get lubricated easily but another may not. Or, her vaginal walls may be less elastic.~It is not the woman’s fault all the time. No two women are same when it comes to their sexual biology. Some of them get lubricated easily while some don’t. The thickness of their vaginal wall, which is an important point for sexual stimulation, also differs from one woman to another.}

{These women think that they are falling short of their men’s expectations. That is the reason they fake it. They fake it for their men!~Such women might feel disappointed about their performance with their men. This creates a complex in them, which might lead them to fake orgasms.~These are some reasons why women might fake orgasms. They feel that they are not satisfying their men completely because of their own inadequacies.}

{But you can help them. You must speak freely about the issue with them and find out what really excites them. Women respond to communication and in all likelihood your woman won’t have to fake it anymore.~If that is the case, you must help your woman out. You must be casual with her about her sexual needs. Ask her what she wants and try to give it to her. When you are communicative in this manner, she will never have to pretend that she is having an orgasm anymore.~However, you must assist your woman in finding a solution to this. Communication is important. Ask her what stimulates her and try to give her that pleasure. If you can do that, your woman won’t have to fake an orgasm ever again.}

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