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{Wendy’s boyfriend Sam had gone away for a boys weekend with his mates and she was home alone and extremely horny. Wendy had been fantasising all day long about sex and it didn’t seem to matter what she did, the throbbing in her pussy just wouldn’t go away.~Wendy’s was hot, horny and home alone. She needed a fuck, she had tried her vibrator, her fingers and even a cucumber, but nothing was getting her off. Her mind was full of fantasies and they were all about sex.~Sam had gone away for a weekend with the boys and Wendy was home alone and as horny as hell. She had discovered Sam’s porn stash and after watching a couple of movies that hadnt managed to get her off she decided to go through his porn mags and see if there was anything there that could do the job.}

{Going into the bedroom, she looked for Sam’s secret stash of magazines. Flicking through them hoping to find some sexy articles to get herself off, she noticed that looking at the naked hot women in the magazines was getting her wet. It was one of Wendy’s fantasies to get down and dirty with another woman, she wanted to thrust her tongue deep into another woman’s pussy. Wendy knew she wasn’t a lesbian, she liked cock too much. But this was a fantasy.~Earlier she had found her boyfriends stash of porn magazines and as she looked through them she found her mind going wild over the thought of fucking another woman. Wendy started to rub her clit hoping to finally be able to get off, but it still wasnt working. She thought about licking out another woman and having another woman licking her. It was making her so horny she thought she might burst, but it still wasnt enough.~Laying face down on the bed, with her finger rubbing her clit, she flicked through the! magazine. The women in the magazine were getting her hot. Wendy had always wanted to try sex with another woman, it had been one of her biggest fantasies since puberty hit. Wendy wanted to taste another womans pussy and more than anything, she wanted another woman’s tongue inside her. God she was so horny! but even these fantasies werent enough to get her off.}

{Looking at the women in the magazine and imagining what she could do with them was getting her so damn horny. As she reached the back of the magazine, Wendy noticed the phone sex ads and one in particular caught her eye. “Every wanted to have sex with another woman, but too shy, try this number, it’s the next best thing”~Wendy needed to be fucked and she knew that right now, the only thing that was going to get the job done was to fulfill her fantasy, but she had no idea how she was going to do that. As she got to the back of the magazine Wendy noticed the phone sex ads and one jumped out at her. "Bi-Curios? but too shy to try? Call Me"~Wendy wondered how she could go about making her fantasy come true, she knew she didnt have the nerve to go out and pick up a woman. She wondered about getting a prostitute, but she knew she didnt have the nerve for that either. Still fingering herself and feeling how wet she was getting, she knew she had to do something, t! hat was when she noticed the phone sex ads in the back of the magazine. "Ever wanted to fuck another woman, but too scared? Try me, I promise it is the next best thing"}

{Wendy grabbed her mobile and dialled the number. “Hello this is Amber” purred the voice on the other end of the line. “Umm “ Wendy stammered. “Hey baby, this your first time? I will be very, very gentle with you.” “Yes” was the only answer Wendy could give. “First of all I want to tease you ok?” Amber purred seductively down the phone wanting phone sex.~Wendy dialled the number on her mobile phone, she didnt want her boyfriend to see the number on the next phone bill. "Hello this is Sophie" said a seductive voice. Wendy found she couldnt say anything, she wasnt sure what she was supposed to do. "Is this your first phone sex. time? a little nervous?" purred Sophie. "Uh Huh" was all Wendy could manage. "Let me do all the work then baby, I will be gentle, I am going to tease you first ok"~Wendy grabbed her mobile and quickly dialled the number before she lost her nerve" "Hello sweet girl, this is Nicky" purred the seductive voice on the end of the line. "This is my first phone sex. time" Wendy blurted out and almost hung up the phone, she was so nervous. "Ssssh" whispered Nicky. "I will be very gentle with you baby, I will take it nice and slow for you, I am going to start with a little teasing is that ok?"}

{“Yes please” replied Wendy. “Close your eyes baby and imagine me slowly running my fingertips down your neck, then down your arms, slightly brushing your breast as I go past, my hand is now on your thigh, you can feel its heat as I slide my fingers closer to your pussy lips” “uh huh” Wendy said, her breaths coming faster now as she imagined everything Amber was describing.~"Okay" replies Wendy. "Just lay yourself back and enjoy, close your eyes and imagine me slowly running my hands all over your naked body" "I cup your breasts in my hands and flick your nipples with my thumb, my right hand is going lower on your stomach, I reach down and cup your mound with my hand, I can feel how hot and wet you are" Wendy was feeling it, it was almost as if Sophie was right there doing everything she said.~"Yes" said Wendy. "Lay back and enjoy, close your eyes and feel me with you" Wendy did as she was told. "I am slowly dragging my nails down your body, I can see! the goosebumps and i can also see your nipples hardening, I want to suck them" Wendy noticed that her hand had gone to her nipples and were tweaking them. "My mouth is on your nipples, I nibble on them a little and bite slightly harder, sucking and nibbling"}

{“I am laying you onto your back now, I hope you are laying down, I slowly remove all your clothes, I am running my hands up and down your body, now I am tickling you with my fingernails, slowly, can you feel that” “Oh yeah” panted Wendy, god she was So damn horny. “I am bending forward and I slowly take your nipple into my mouth, now I am nibbling on it. As I suck and nibble on your nipples I slide my hand down over your stomach and cup your pussy with my hand. I can feel how wet and hot you are down there and I am so excited, do you want me to put my fingers in your pussy?”~"I press your slit harder with my fingers, I can feel your hard clit throbbing against my finger, I am rubbing it now, slowly pushing harder and harder against it, does it feel good?" "Oh yeah" Wendy panted. "I slide my finger down toward your wet hole, slowly my finger slides inside you, its not enough is it? I now have two fingers inside you, tight and wet. My fingers are now t! hrusting in and out of your hot tight wet slit." "I want to taste you, do you want me to taste you? Do you want me to lick and slurp at your pussy until you cum?" "Yes please, please eat me" Wendy begged.~Wendy could feel everything Nicky was describing, it was as if she was actually there doing these things to her. "My hand is sliding slowly, tauntingly towards your wet slit. I am sliding a finger between your pussy lips, I can feel your clit, it is hard and it throbs. My finger slides closer to your hole, you are so wet and hot" Wendy was starting to pant now as her own finger copied what Nicky was saying "You are dripping baby, I want to taste that juice, can I taste it? Nicky almost begged.}

{“Please” begged Wendy. “Sliding just one finger into your pussy, god you are so wet! Now I have two fingers inside you, so nice and tight and wet, I want to taste you!” Wendy was doing everything that Amber was describing to herself, and she would have sworn it was someone else doing it.~"Sliding down your body, I have my face just above your pussy, I can smell your juices and I really want to taste them, you can feel my breath gently on your pussy" Wendy wanted her so badly, she was actually thrusting her hips upwards as she llistened to the sexy voice on the other end of the phone.~"Please" Wendy said. "I slide my finger out of your pussy and bring it to my lips, sliding my finger between my lips, I suck all your juices off it, mmmm thats so good, but I need more." Wendy arched her back as she imagined Nicky sliding down towards her waiting snatch. "My tongue is licking your pussy lips, it tastes so good, now I am sucking on your clit, slowly I take it! between my teeth and bite it lightly, I cant help myself, I am thrusting my tongue as deep as it will go into your pussy"}

{“I am sliding my body down yours, I can smell your pussy juices, my face is just above your waiting pussy, you can feel my breath on it, slowly I slide my tongue into your dripping snatch and drink your juices. Flicking your swollen clit with my tongue, I can feel you bounce and jerk with every lap.”~"My tongue flicks in and laps at your clit, I nibble on it a little, now I am licking your pussy lips, drawing them into my mouth and sucking on them, do you feel that?" "Yes, yes, yes" Wendy grunted. "My tongue is inside you now, my hands are on your thighs, pushing your legs back so i can get deeper and deeper, I cant get enough of you, you taste so damn good"~"My fingers are now inside you, thrusting in and out as I suck on your pussy lips and flick my tongue against your clit, I am licking your juices off my fingers everytime they come out of your pussy." Wendy knew she was close to cumming, this was wonderful, her eyes still closed. "Cum for me baby, cum al! l over my fingers, I want to eat that too"}

{Wendy was fingering herself with a fury now, she knew she was close to cumming. “I am sucking your pussy lips and flicking your clit fast with my tongue, and every now and then I drive my tongue deep into your pussy” Wendy exploded! It had been so long since she had had an orgasm like that! “Aww you finished before me” Amber said, all Wendy could do was say a quick goodbye and hang up the phone, but she saved the phone number in her address book, you never know when you may need it again she thought.~Wendy was fingering herself with a vengence now, she was so close to cumming. "I have two fingers thrusting in and out of your pussy as I flick your clit with my tongue, I can feel you tensing, cum baby cum" Wendy exploded with the biggest orgasm she had had in a long long time. "how does that feel?" Sophie asked. All Wendy could do was gasp out a quick goodbye before she hung up the phone, but she saved the phone number, you never know when a girl could nee! d a good time again.~Wendy’s fingers were thrusting in and out of her pussy while her thumb rubbed on her clit. Wendy felt her whole body tense as she clenched with the biggest orgasm she could ever remember having. Pussy juice dripped off her fingers as she slid them out of her swollen satisfied hole. She hung up the phone without even saying goodbye, but, she saved the phone number in her phone, you never know when you may need it again she thought.}

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