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{All men have different ways of leaving an impression on the fairer sex, some may change their appearance, while others will just talk big, making themselves appear to be adventurous. Some techniques work better, however in a survey of 100 000 men, techniques were found that were not thought to be popular previously.~The fairer sex (women) are not that difficult to impress, however, what lengths do men go to, to leave an impression? Some men talk big, while others actually do In a recent survey of 100 00 men, many techniques that we already know about are still used, while some new techniques have cropped up that we were unawares of.~Women are not actually as difficult to please as some men believe, although this is just a generalization, and just like men, there are also “high maintenance” ladies. If you have set your sights on a high maintenance gal, then you may just have to go to the same lengths as 100 000 other men who participated in a recent survey. Some of the methods used to attract women that were uncovered by the survey are not big news, while others are.}

{More men are wearing make-up: We already know that male actors wear make-up in front of the camera, and since this is now completely acceptable, the man in the street is following suit they often find the trends from adult articles.~For example many adult articles say more men are wearing make up, and not just Emo and Goth boys either. Normal red-blooded males have seen that it is acceptable for actors to wear make-up and they accept its use too.~There are plenty of adult articles with big news that is “male make-up”; has become accepted behaviour for actors to wear this on-screen, so now ‘red-blooded” men are wearing it in an attempt to impress.}

{In the last ten years the number of men doing this has increased exponentially. Foundation is being use to cover spots, blemishes and scars and clear mascara to enhance the eyelashes. This boosts their confidence and impresses their dates apparently.~The increase of men wearing make-up to impress the ladies is exponential. During the past 10 years men use it to cover scars, blemishes and spots, and also use clear mascara. The goods looks and confidence this inspires, apparently also impresses their dates.~Over the last ten year more men have taken to covering scars, spots and blemishes with foundation. They have also taken to wearing clear mascara to enhance their eyes and this increases confidences as well as impressed the girls.}

{A firm favorite amongst many men is the dangerous hobby; this has always been so and apparently still is. No wonder they invented bungee jumping, but even I feel this is pushing sex appeal a bit to far. However fast sports cars, extreme sports and apparently there are not only done for the adrenaline rush, it is to impress the ladies Don’t lie about this, you will get caught out.~Dangerous hobbies have also been found to inspire confidence in their masculine prowess. But this has always been the case, extreme sports such as car racing, bungee jumping, and absailing impress the ladies and provide men with much needed adrenaline rushes. This stimulates endorphins as well as sexual prowess.~A Living in the fast lane and taking up extreme sports also figures importantly in the survey, fast cars, bungee jumping, sky diving and fast women, appear to work hand-in-hand. Men get their adrenaline rush, this increases their natural endorphin manufacture and apparently al so their sexual prowess.}

{How about doing something that women have always done to impress men? Get rid of your body hair – yes more men are doing this. They are having their body hair waxed, particularly in the summer, they know that women prefer hairless men. Oh the times they are a-changing~Women have always waxed, shaven and plucked to get rid of unwanted body hair, and the new trend is for men to also do away with the bristle. They have their bodies waxed, particularly in summer, pluck between their eyebrows, and trim nose and ear hair. But most women go “eeeuuuww” when male body hair is discussed, so men are getting the right idea.~If you believe that women are the only sex seeking the holy grail of hairlessness. Think again Men are following suit, they know the girls like men who are hairless, so they are waxing, shaving and plucking away with the girls.}

{What about buying a dog? Yup, men do this to impress to, they have found it is a fantastic way to meet women, particularly if the dog is still a pup. It increases their confidence levels and helps them pluck up the courage to strike up conversations with random women, it is a real ice breaker and after all dog is still man’s best friend~The dog is man’s best friend, right? Right, this is why men buy a dog, to impress women. They find that having a dog with them in the park boosts their confidence and makes it easier for them to talk to random women. The more women you are able to talk to, the better your chances are of finding the ideal mate, the perfect ice-breaker~The dog is definitely man’s best friend and in the case of giving men the confidence to speak to random won in the park, even more so. Men buy dogs to help them attract the fairer sex, apparently they are the perfect catalyst, for breaking the ice and meeting women.}

{Now we get radical – Penis enlargement Did you know that 45% of all mean are unhappy with the present size of their penis? Or did you think it was only you? Nope, you are not alone in this, and the use of penis enlargement devices has become increasingly popular over the past three decades these fellas made sure they  Penis Enlargement Reviews.~Were you aware that as high a percentage of 45% of men are not happy with the size of their penis? This is true, it is not you alone More men than ever before are making use of traction devices to enlarge their male organs, and it works and they read lots of Penis Enlargement Reviews.~One of the most extreme “lengths” excuse the pun; that men will go to for impressing the ladies, is penis enlargement. We are not talking surgical intervention here; that is something for seriously medically challenged males these are the people that need Penis Enlargement Reviews.}

{But believe it or not, this is nothing new, men have been finding ways to enlarge their penis for 2000 years~Men have been devising ways to enlarge their penises for 2000 years, and it appears to have become an inherent trait~But we are talking that 45% of all males are unhappy with the length or prowess of their penis. So they are resorting to male enhancement devices and these have proven to work. This isn’t new either, men have been seeing ways to enlarge their nether regions for 2000 years.}

{Today penis enlargement devices are a good deal more sophisticated than they were 2000 years ago and they have been found to increase size by as much as 1.5 – 3 inches. The most popular in use is a traction device which is also able to cure peyronies disease. This is not an STD it is bent penis syndrome~For the past 30 years this practice has also become more popular and the devices of today at a good deal more advanced than they were 2000 years ago. Traction devices are medically approved and recommended by doctors, they add 1.5 to 3 inches to the length, the girth of the male organ also expands and bent penis syndrome is cured.~Traction devices have com a long way since the days of the Ancient Romans, although the technique is pretty much the same. Doctors are happy to recommend these, and if instructions are followed, they can increase length by as much as 1.5 to 3 inches. Girth is also improved as is blood flow. Premature ejaculation is curbed and peyronies disease (bent penis) is also rectified.}

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