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{It is most probably the aim of most men to be recognized as a really great lover, however, many men don’t have a clue what this actually means. Not through any fault of their either.~Most men like to be considered as a great lover, if only they knew, how helpless they often are in this area. I fear that men really don’t know the meaning of “great lover”, but this may not be their fault~Being considered to be a great lover is what many adult males aim for. They don’t like being considered a flash in the pan, even if they are only a one night stand. A rep as a great lover is worth its weight in gold when it comes to pulling the ladies in.}

{So what actually is it that makes a girl swoon and tell all her girlfriends how great he was the first time they ever made love? What is it that he has that you perhaps don’t have; that special something that makes him both appealing and successful with his female conquests?~Girls love to swoon with passion and still be able to boast to their girlfriends about the way a man makes her feel. She will tell every one about the way the made love for the first time if it was wonderful, but by the same token she will also tell friends if he was a lousy lay. This is what legendary lovers and dismal flops are made from.~The ladies love passion and being able to swoon with pleasure, so all the romantic novels can’t be wrong. If a man makes her feel special, she will tell everyone he is a great lover, if he get this kind of reputation, he will be loved by all the ladies. They will be swooning at his doorstep. Legendary lovers are made of this}

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{There are a number of qualities, but of all the qualities a man could have, the ability to listen is probably the most important. Men just don’t listen is many a girls argument Making love to a woman has to include great communication, if a woman feels that they are being listened to they relax more and this in itself can make the sex better. If he pays special attention to her, and her alone, she feels like more than just another body.~There are many qualities that a great lover must have, but the most important is the ability to listen. Listening is different from just “hearing”. Women argue that men pretend to listen and respond, but they don’t really. Good communication when making love to a women will make her feel special and cherished. If she feels this way, she will relax and relaxation is key to making sex feel better. Listen and respond appropriately, and you are on your way to being the next Casanova.~A great lover generally has many good qua lities, it is not only about the sex you know. Probably the most important is his ability to listen; listen and really hear and respond to what he is hearing. Women moan like hell that men don’t know who to listen, so learn how to do this and you have got it made. Making love with a woman and communication with her makes her feel special.}

{Men who truly like women have the ability to be great lovers, don’t get me wrong, I said “LIKE”, not lust. Men may make sexy jokes about women but rarely sees them as a friend. Making women your friend will get you loads of attention, as they like to be liked.~Men who like women make the greatest lovers, remember that lust and like are two entirely different things. Women like having friends and if you can be her friend as well as her lover; then you have got it made, you will get a lot of female attention.~Men have to like women to be great lovers, not just fancy them or lust after them, genuinely like them. Women are big on friendship, be her friend and really like her, she will like you in return and let her guard down. Do this and you will have the ladies clamouring for your attention.}

{A man who is not in a hurry to have sex also makes all the difference, he touches them gently. Caressing and kissing them, making them feel relaxed and comfortable and not acting as though he wants to by-pass the foreplay. Getting to the sex will happen, but a great lover makes it so much better by taking the time to be sensitive and caring.~Rushing the sex act will also get you into hot water, and you won’t make it into the top ten. Gentle caresses and touching a woman relaxes her. These touches also make her feel comfortable and not like another conquest. Sex will happen, but don’t forget long languorous foreplay, the sensitive caring man gets the ladies.~ARushing sex to the intercourse phase, will get you no reputation as a great lover whatsoever. Women enjoy being held and caressed and long foreplay is vital. You want for her to beg you to have sex with her, and you will only ever achieve this through caressing her and making her relax}

{A great lover has also paid a good deal of attention to the female body, he knows what turns them on. There are certain things that turn all women on, holding her from the back while kissing her and nibbling her neck is one of these.~Pay attention to her body, get to know all about the female body and you will be a sure fire candidate for a great lover. Kissing the back of her neck and holding her hair while kissing her from the back is a big turn on for most women.~Learn about the female body, learn what women like and put this into practice. Kissing and caressing the back of her neck, and holding her from behind are big favorites on the women’s top ten list of “the things I like”.}

{Paying attention during sex, listening to what she tells him, listening to the noises she makes, and her body language. If a woman doesn’t like something she will draw back or say no and he will always listen to this.~Listening during intercourse is also very important, being sensitive to what she likes and doesn’t like also matters, and this is all part of listening. Always listen if she draws back or say no.~Intercourse means just that, the first edition of Webster’s describes it as "Communication or dealings …” nothing whatsoever to do with sex. So communicate during sexual intercourse, it is important.}

{Unfortunately many men stop talking to their lover the moment they are able to penetrate her, this is a no-no, this is not the stuff that great lovers are made of~It is unfortunate that a man may stop talking when the crucial act of intercourse happens. Don’t do this, continue to pay attention throughout, all the great lovers do this~Men who stop talking when they get to the sexual act are going to lose points, and if they stop listening too, these are key factors to being a great lover}

{Hammering away during intercourse and having his way with her, unless she has specifically asked for this, is not going to get her talking about how great he is to her friends. Make sure that you know she will remember you for years with a smile on her face, and you will be a great lover~The act of sexual intercourse is not the sign to bang away at the female body, not unless she specifically request this. Remain sensitive and in touch all the time and your reputation as a great lover will precede itself.~The sex act itself should not be a battle to the goal post, it should be as gentle or as hard as you both want at that particular time. So listen, learn and respond and you too can have you name up in the annals of the greatest lovers of all time}

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