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{I have read so many sex stories about women shuddering their way into a climax and then puffing and panting on bed like they cannot do anything more, but that had not happened with my wife so far. Then came one little incident that changed the whole story.~I am an avid reader of sex stories wherever I can get hold of them. In many of these stories, I have read about women exploding into an orgasm and then heaving and sighing for long moments afterward. However, I had never seen that happen with my own wife. Then something happened that put a new spin on things.~I have been reading a lot of sex stories whenever I could find them. You could call me an addict of them probably. But maybe I was looking for something there that I wasn’t getting in my real life. I read in all these stories about how women had explosive orgasms that went on for an eternity. Quite sadly, I never experienced that with my wife. At least, not until recently.}

{One of my wife’s women friends gave her an uncommon gift. We were a bit surprised when we opened the package and thought why we would need it in the first place. It was a sex toy, a dildo vibrator~Some friend of my wife’s gave her a special gift. It was a bit bizarre for us when we first saw it—it was a dildo vibrator. We thought it to be very odd actually.~Yes, something special happened recently. It started when one of my wife’s friends gave her a rather surprising gift. When we opened the pack, we were somewhat taken aback. It contained a neatly wrapped dildo vibrator}

{At first we thought it was a joke—a Sex Toys vibrator didn’t have any place in our healthy sexual life, we thought. But then we decided to use it. My wife wanted to try it out and I am always one for experiment I told her I would sit on the couch and masturbate while I watched her use the vibrator on herself.~We took it as a joke at first. Our sex life is quite good and we didn’t need all these devices and Sex Toys to keep it kindled. However, my wife was somewhat curious about it. She asked me if she could try it. I didn’t see why not. I told her to go ahead; in fact, I told her I would sit near the bed and masturbate while I saw her service herself.~We did think this was a prank of some sort. Actually we have a good sexual relationship and we didn’t think we were giving anyone the vibe that our sexual compatibility wasn’t on par with each other so Sex Toys were not needed. However, here was the dildo and seeing it, my wife said she wanted to try it out right then and there. I was game. Actually, a bit aroused too I told her to go right ahead and that I would watch her and jerk off.}

{She got her clothes off. She always keeps her pussy clean-shaven because that’s the way I like it. She then took the vibrator—which was quite large I must say—and thrust it in her pussy. It was almost electric She twitched like she never did before when I inserted my penis into her.~She stripped. I was aroused seeing her smooth pussy already. The vibrator was a big thing itself and I was curious too—I wanted to see how she would take it. She took the dong, turned it this way and that and then rammed it right into her cunt. The contact sent a shudder right through her body—it was a shudder of immense pleasure.~She got out of her clothes. I saw her neatly shaven cunt and felt the familiar twinge of sexual anticipation. The dildo was quite huge—bigger than my dick at least—and I wanted to see my wife play with it. She lay on the bed, spread her legs apart to open her cunt and then jammed the thing right into it. At contact, she visibly quivered. I kn ew it was a moment of ultimate pleasure for her.}

{The vibrator was in motion and she was clearly enjoying herself quite a lot. Not wanting to rain on her parade, I watched her from a distance. But it was really hot, I must say, much better than all the sex toys we have come across.~She put the dildo into action and I could see she was quite happy with it. I didn’t want to disturb her. I simply sat on the couch and masturbated. It was great; this was arousing me no end.~She was definitely quite enjoying the dildo. She was even making happy noises of contentment. I stroked my cock more vigorously now. It was all greatly arousing to me.}

{My wife is never slutty, she’s quite a decent woman, but that day, the huge dildo in her pussy made her look like the cheapest slut there ever is. And I was getting aroused like never before too.~Actually, my wife is quite conventional when it comes to sexual matters. But that day, I saw a whole new avatar of her. She was almost a whore with that vibrator. It was getting too hot for me to handle.~The thing that really got me is that change in my wife with the dildo in her pussy. She is quite straitlaced in all matters sex usually, but the dildo had some sort of strange effect on her. Here was my wife, schoolteacher by profession, now servicing herself shamelessly in front of me like a common slut. The kind of passion that created in me is indescribable in words.}

{I could see the vibrator becoming wet with the juices inside her cunt. She was almost at her peak now, but just before she was to come, she removed the vibrator and called me. I readily obliged her and rammed my cock into her pussy.~She wet the vibrator with all the juices that were welling up inside her. It was near her breaking point, I knew, and I just waited for it to come. However, just before she was to orgasm, she removed the vibrator and called me to enter her. Well, I just jumped at the invitation.~The dildo was wet and dripping now. She was clearly in a frenzy. I knew she would come now at any instant. But, just at that moment, she removed the dildo and asked me to penetrate her. Well, I wasn’t expecting her to invite me like that, but this was one invitation I couldn’t refuse}

{It was then that I felt that the vibrator has indeed done its job well. The cunt was almost wet with all the juices it secreted in the excitement. I loved the warm feel that was present inside. It was at that moment I realized the difference the sex toy made.~The vibrator was a really good thing. It prepared her well for receiving my cock. It was nice and warm inside and that was when I realized how indispensable the vibrator would be for us now.~I could feel the difference the vibrator had created. It was now all warm and wet and smooth and my cock simply enjoyed the feeling. I suddenly realized one thing—my wife had found her vibe and now this should be an important part of our sexcapades}

{From then on, we have made the sex toy an important part of our foreplay. There’s real glory in using it and everyone must try to do the same.~Today, the vibrator is something we just cannot keep aside when we are having sex. The best part is that we discovered it and then discovered the joys that it can bring.~It is always me, my wife and the vibrator on bed now. We just can’t put it away. Just as in the sex stories I read, it has helped my wife find her sexual peak}

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