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{I was once totally against these house parties where women were all giggling and shyly looked at a range of vibrators and other sex toys. That was until a friend of mine asked me to host such a sex toy party. Against my wishes, the party organizer arrived two hours before the guests on the decided night.~Let me tell you that I usually scoffed at the so-called sex parties that seemed to be so popular. This was because I did not have the slightest idea how much fun it could be to discover and learn about sex products. A friend convinced me to host such a party.~The average person, like me, may never even consider attending a party where sex toys and aids are sold, but I learned the fun way that I was totally wrong and admittedly biased. This came to light as I hosted my own party with the help of a representative of the industry.}

{She called me aside and gave me a small egg shaped ball. Slip this into your vagina, she invited me, and see how much fun this night can be for you. I did as she asked and waited for something to happen, but nothing extraordinary happened apart from the little ball fitting perfectly inside me.~The hostess arrived to unpack all of her goodies and gave me an oval shaped ball and instructed me to slip it inside me. Full of expectations I did just that, but to my disappointment nothing happened apart from the ball resting comfortably inside me. If this was what it all was about, I was right – sex parties are boring.~We clicked immediately and thus I did not hesitate for a second when she gave me an oblong ball and told me to push it up into my pussy. She guaranteed fun, but I must admit, I did not feel a thing after inserting it – only the feeling of having a plastic ball in my vagina.}

{Adult Party Plan has taken the world by storm; this billion dollar industry is mainstream and has quite literally seen people grabbing life by the balls. It is the perfect fun home business.~Adult Party Plan is one of the best home business opportunities available today, it is easy to get started, a basic kit costs next to nothing and great fun c an be had while you are making money.~Adult Party Plan makes for a home business opportunity like no other, it is simple and cheap to start and great fun to make money this way. It’s a darn site better than selling Tupperware, that’s for sure.}

{She then produced a small little square item from her pocket that had a red button on it. Push it, she invited and I did. My whole body went into a buzz as the little ball inside me vibrated pleasantly, hitting all the right spots. I was hooked.~Just before I could mope about the useless toy inside me, she pulled a tiny box with a button on it from her bag. Try this she invited, so I pushed the button. The innocent little ball suddenly vibrated inside me and filled my body with sexual electricity. This was fabulous.~But I soon fell in love with this little stranger in me as she produced a tiny button mechanism, that when pushed, brought my hidden friend to absolute life inside me. I could never imagined enjoying something that much.}

{Now put the switch down on the table and enjoy the evening she instructed. I did as told and the guests arrived. As the evening progressed and the wine started to break through the ice, the girls started to enjoy all the goods on the table.~Give control to your guests she said with a smile as she took the button from my hand and set it down between all the other stuff on the table. I did not take my eyes of it, but later on the wine and spirit of the evening kicked in with guests laughing and enjoying all the stuff.~My host added the button to all the other fun stuff for our guests to explore, so more often than expected, a girl would pick up the button and push it several times to see what it does. This drove me wild, but I kept a straight face as far as possible.}

{Every so often, some one will pick up the button, look at it and then push it to see what will happen. Of course they saw nothing but inside me I was stirred to new heights of pleasure. The nicest surprise came every time I did not notice the button being pushed.~As somebody picked up the little box, I braced myself for the moment they pushed that little button. Of course nothing happened, so they simply put it down again, but I enjoyed the rush of being stimulated. The best was when I lost track of the button, only to be surprised suddenly when it was pushed.~The most exciting part of my hidden partner, was hat I did not get any warning when the button was pushed so I tried my best to keep my eye on it, but with little success. So I rather enjoyed the lovely surprises my guests gave me unknowingly.}

{As the night continued, I came very close to orgasm and found it very difficult to hide my excitement. As the guests lost interest in the button that did nothing for them, I picked it up and slipped it into my pocket. The rest of the night I kept myself on the edge.~Keeping my calm almost became almost impossible, so I tracked the button down and took it without any one seeing me. I controlled my little friend for the rest of the night, keeping me on the brink of explosion.~After a while the button sort of got pushed to the side as useless, so I grabbed it and continued to buzz myself closer and closer to orgasm. This prate little game went on for the duration of the event.}

{With all of the guests gone home with their merchandise neatly packed in brown paper bags, I asked the host if I could buy my stimulating ball. She smiled and said that it was my gift as hostess and then she suggested that I gift-wrap the button switch for my boyfriend.~At the end of the night all the guests went home happy and intrigued to go and try their new toys. I offered to buy the vibe inside me, but my hostess refused politely. Apparently this was a gift to all those who hosted parties on her behalf. She gave me a brilliant idea.~As the party dissolved and all the guests said their happy good byes, I was quite sad at the prospect of returning my little ball, so I asked the host if I could by it. She smiled and said that it actually was a gift for my boyfriend and me to enjoy. So I gave him the button as a gift.}

{I did just that and since then we had hours of erotic fun as he took control and got my juices flowing in various places like the movies, dinner with his parents and my personal favourite, when I sat across him in the boardroom.~I followed her suggestion and gave the button and thus control to my boyfriend as a gift. He used it to work me up in the most unexpected places And I loved it, especially at work where we shared an open plan office.~He took to it in a way I never could imagine and soon we played our secret game wherever we went. He had me in full control of his will – in the restaurants, Opera house and even at formal dinners. Straight faced he would play with the button in his pocket, sending me his intentions.}

{The sex afterwards was always wild and kinky as the foreplay started hours before. Today I am proud to say that I am telling all my friends to get their vibes from house parties and start to enjoy a life they never knew existed.~I changed my mind and now invite more and more people to my parties where they too are introduced to the sexy and kinky side of self pleasure.~I must admit that our sex life went from good to great, so now I almost a spokesperson for these house parties and all of my friends are buying their vibes from me.}

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