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{I was doing the final accounts of the day when she walked in looking for her bag. Yes, she’s definitely sexy, with her short waitresses’ skirt and low cut blouse which showed her amazing cleavage. I know my husband, the boss, likes her too.~Her low cut blouse only showed off her amazing cleavage while her waitresses’ skirt was teasingly short. She was looking for her bag in the restaurant while I watched her bend over and move about. I stopped doing the accounts and thought about how much our boss, who is also my husband, liked her.~She was wearing a low cut blouse and a short waitresses’ skirt – my husband’s preferred uniform for his waitresses – when she walked in to the restaurant. She asked me if I had seen her bag and I nodded absentmindedly. I liked watching her, and my husband did too.}

{While watching her bend over to pick up the duster, I decided to invite her over for dinner. “You’re new here, and I would like you to come over and get to know my husband and me” I said. She said she’d be delighted.~We have invited all our waitresses over for dinner and now it was her turn. I asked her if Friday night would be good for her for dinner. “Who wouldn’t love to have dinner with their boss and his wife?” she replied.~She was new here and I didn’t know her well. The best way to get to know her was to invite her to dinner, I thought to myself, like we did with all our other waitresses. I asked her if she would come for dinner and she agreed.}

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{On the night of the dinner, my husband answered the door. This was my present to him in return for the group sex session he set up for me last week. I loved threesomes. She was wearing a short, flared dress that showed off her round breasts.~I was pleased with myself for being able to give my husband a treat. I love group sex, and last week he had invited a couple of guys over and made it happen. I felt a tinge of excitement when the doorbell rang. My husband opened the door to find a ravishing woman wearing a short flared dress. Her boobs as usual, were on display.~My husband loves treating me to group sex sessions, which I absolutely enjoy. Now it was my turn to give him a treat. He answered the door and there she stood – with her round boobs almost bursting out of her short, flared dress.}

{We played some music and he invited her to dance. His hands were on her back, holding her while they got closer to each other. He winked at me. His hands made their way to her butt, and very smoothly, he stuck one hand underneath her skirt.~“Let’s get some music playing” he said. I put on a CD and he took her by the hand for a dance. He inched closer and closer to her and eventually had his hands on her butt. He gave me a sly smile. I could see him put one hand underneath her skirt.~We made small talk and there was music playing in the background. “Let’s dance” he said to her. They began swaying from side to side, and they inched closer to each other. He was running his hand up and down her back. He gave me a knowing wink. In one quick motion, he had his hands firmly on her butt. Then, he lifted her skirt and felt her naked behind.}

{I watched her eyes go wide with surprise as my husband fingered her pussy. She did not object. She looked at me with a bewildered look and I walked up to her and asked her what was wrong. Before she could answer I began fingering her too. She was so wet. She liked it.~I was watching her for any sort of objection. But she had none when my husband began fingering her. She licked her lips in pleasure and looked at me to see my reaction. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stood behind her and fingered her too. I had no idea she was this wet.~I almost expected her to object, but she didn’t. I bet she wanted it too. My husband stuck his finger in her wet pussy. She looked at me shyly and I walked up to her to allay her fears. I did so by sticking my finger in her pussy as well. His fingers and mine were covered in her cum.}

{She started kissing my husband while I began massaging her boobs. I took her dress off and she was standing in her soaked thong. We lay her on the floor and my husband stuck his dick in her mouth while I started eating her pussy, her sweet juicy pussy.~I took her boobs in my hands and massaged them vigorously while she made out with my husband. Her thong was soaking wet by now, and she slipped out of dress. She kneeled and began giving my husband head. I kneeled too and ate out her pussy, her very wet pussy.~Her dress fell to the ground and my husband started kissing her. Her thong was soaked through. I wanted to taste her pussy so I knelt down and ate her out. My husband took his dick and put it in her mouth. She sucked it good.}

{I could see him almost reach an orgasm when he pulled it out of her mouth. He wanted her from behind. She kneeled on the floor and I sat on the sofa in front of her. When I lifted my skirt she started eating my pussy, while my husband entered her from behind.~He quickly took his dick out of her mouth in an effort to forestall his orgasm. He made her bend over in front of the sofa and had her doggy style. I sat on the sofa with my skirt off and she began licking my pussy.~It looked like he was about to cum when he quickly pulled it out. He rolled her over and penetrated her from behind. She was kneeling now in front of the sofa, and I sat on it with my skirt lifted. Without missing a beat, she licked my very wet pussy.}

{She licked my pussy and rolled her tongue around my clit and stuck it in my vagina. She sucked it, and kissed it and bit it. He was humping her good and she was moaning. He was holding on to her boobs so tightly that they were turning red.~She gave me the most amazing oral sex. Her tongue worked magic on my clit, which she also sucked and kissed. I could feel her going deep in to my vagina and I moaned. My husband held her boobs like they were handles and rode her till she screamed.~She’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Her tongue went deep in to my pussy and licked my clit fast. She sucked it and kissed it. My wetness was all over her face and I moaned in pleasure. He held on to her boobs tightly. She screamed and moaned while he rode her hard.}

{He took his dick out of her vagina. He parted her butt cheeks and slowly inserted it in her anus. She screamed and moaned. He rode her hard. Just as I was reaching my orgasm, so did my husband. He took his dick out and came all over her back. I can hardly wait until she joins us again for dinner.~He had had enough of fucking her in the pussy and wanted a change of scenery. He took his dick out and stuck it in her ass. He rode her like a cowboy while she screamed. The visual of that was only helping me reach my orgasm faster, and just when I did, he did too. Thick white liquid spurted from his dick all over her back. I can’t wait for the next dinner party.~I could tell by now that he wanted to fuck her in the ass. He took his dick out of her vagina and put in her ass and fucked her like nothing. Her butt shook because of all the vibrations and I couldn’t help but cum. At that instant, he came too and he squirted his sperm all over her back. I’m looking forw! ard to having her over for dinner again.}

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