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{Jason was feeling very guilty about himself. He had been ogling at the huge bust of his student Denise, and she had caught him in the act. He was feeling uneasy now. Denise was eying him in a very bad way. He was more worried because he had to give his students their grades that day and he had to call each of them individually.~Jason wasn’t feeling very happy right now. His student had caught him staring at her breasts. To make things worse, he had to give his students out their grades today and for that he had to call them one by one. Even Denise, whose boobs he was lustily staring at.~Jason wasn’t too pleased with himself right now. He had allowed himself to be caught staring at his student’s boobs. The student herself had caught him in the act. He was feeling uncomfortable about even looking at Denise right now. But he was a teacher and he had to meet them personally today because he had to give them their grades.}

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{The class was dismissed by the bell. The time had come to give the grades. Well, he better get on with it. He went into another room and asked the students to come over one by one. Deliberately, he kept Denise for the last. After some tepid moments, even that time came. He was staring at the last report card that he had to give out, that of Denise. To make matters worse, there was an ugly F on the card.~The class got over. It was time to dish out the grades. He gingerly moved to the other room and asked the students to come in individually. He stalled on calling Denise because he was feeling strange about it. But then it was the last report card and it was hers. What really complicated matters was that she had scored an F.~When class got over, Jason knew there was no escape. He had to meet each student. He called them over to his room, one by one, to take their grades. He stalled on calling Denise as much as possible. But when he finished everyone else’s grade s, he knew he could stall no more. He had to call Denise. What really complicated the situation was that she had got an F.}

{She came in with a swagger of her big bust. Despite everything, Jason stole a look at it again. When she saw her F, she almost shrieked, and then she cried. She became inconsolable. “I’ll do anything, anything. Please pass me,” she said as she kept juggling those boobs.~She entered purposefully, swinging her boobs. Forgetting what just happened, Jason again got to staring at them. And then she saw her F. It was a regular bout of tears after that. “Please give me the passing grade, I can do anything for you,” she said, heaving her breast.~She came, bouncing her big boobs – the same which he was staring. Forgetting everything that just happened, he again shot a glance in their direction. She saw the F on her card and almost immediately burst into tears. “No, please, please, please pass me. I’ll do anything for you, I promise,” she cried, all the time heaving those breasts of hers.}

{“I don’t know Denise,” Jason said eventually. “You have failed. You can’t pass now.” The next words of Denise held him by surprise. “But there must be something you have wanted to do but cannot. I can help you get that,” she said, now almost suggestively bobbing her bust.~Jason said, “Nothing can be done, Denise. This is a failing grade.” However, Denise said something bizarre just then. “Oh, there are so many things you want but can’t have. I can give you all of them,” she said with her trademark bust movement.~“Denise, you have failed,” Jason spelled it out. “I can’t pass you.” But then Denise said something that really grabbed Jason’s attention. “Oh, we know there are things you want but can’t have. I can give them to you,” she said, and now she was actually bobbing her boobs.}

{Jason felt his cock rise. His mouth went dry. “Yes, you know what I want,” he said. “Yes, I know,” she said. “But one thing,” Jason continued, “I want it different. I want you to dominate me. I want to be your bitch slave,” he said it out. Denise giggled.~There was a slight stir in Jason’s pants at those words. He couldn’t control the urge now. “All right,” he said, “It seems you know what I want, but not quite.” Then a sudden change came over him. “I want to be your pussy,” he whispered to her. She gave out a chuckle.~Jason’s penis stirred inside his jeans. His mouth lost its wetness. She continued, “So will you have these and pass me?” Jason knew everyone else was doing it, so what the heck He told her shamelessly, “Alright, I do need them that bad, but I want something special.” “What?” she asked. “Make me your man slave,” he said. Denise laughed out loud.}

{It was now twelve hours to that. The cold was getting a bit too much. It was almost lashing at his naked body. The clamps on his nipples were feeling heavy as lead now. He was bent down, naked, with his arms through his legs and catching his ears. His cock has been erect for many hours now, tied with a rope to a hook on the floor. There was a dildo in his ass.~Half a day has passed now. It is getting to be cold and Jason is feeling it all the more because he is completely naked. The steel clamps on his nipples are now biting coldly along with the pain. He is a very humiliating position as well – his hands are passed through his legs and he is holding his ears. His cock never stopped being erect from the time he submitted. It is painfully tied with some rope that has its other end tied around a hook on the floor. A dildo is training his asshole.~12 hours later, it was getting too cold for Jason. The cold was biting him everywhere, especially because he was star k naked. There were clamps on his nipples. They were suddenly feeling heavier because of the cold. She had kept him bent down, with his arms between his legs and holding his ears with his fingers. His erection had persisted for most of his punishment, and was sustained by a rope that bound it and stretched it to the floor. A black dildo ravaged his exposed asshole.}

{She was sitting in front of him, and he could see her, upside down. She was in a leather dress, cut off at her boobs which he wanted to suck but could not right now. She was with a whip in her hand and was lashing at his bare ass every few minutes.~His mistress was right there on the couch and he could see her downside up. She was attired in a slinky black leather outfit which was open at the bust. He could see those lovely boobs in his kinky position, but he could not reach or taste them. And he was getting lashed on the butt with a whip as well.~She was sitting right there, checking out his ass. He could see her upside down. She had put on a leather dominatrix dress which was open at the breasts. This was what Jason wanted but couldn’t get them till his mistress ordered he could. The whip in her hand intimidated him. Every few minutes, she gave his back and ass a sound whipping.}

{She got up and came up to him. It was whipping time again. This time it was too much. He pissed on the floor. She made him rise and lie on his own piss. Then she removed her leather garment and sat on his face. She ordered him to lick her.~After a while, she rose. She brought the whip. He got it again. However, this time the pain was intense. He shamefully pissed. She made him sleep in his own piss. She got naked as well. She sat directly on his face. She made him tongue her pussy.~Now she came closer to him. It was whipping time. Jason yowled in pain. Though he controlled, he couldn’t stop the piss from flowing out of his cock onto the floor. She released him, and made him lie on the piss. She undressed, and sat right on his face. His cunt was open on his nose and mouth. She ordered him to give her some of his tongue.}

{She bent down and took his cock in her mouth. It was heaven. Her boobs fell flat on his chest. He came in her mouth. She quivered on his tongue.~Then she reached out with her mouth and took his cock in. He felt this was exactly was paradise must be like. Her breasts were brushing against his chest. He let go off his cum in her mouth. She had an orgasm right there, on his face, as well.~Then she bent and reached out to take his penis in her mouth. Her breasts rubbed against his chest. He was so hot with everything that he let go his cum right in her mouth. His tonguing made her cum as well – she shook vigorously while sitting on his face.}

{Denise got the passing grade. She is sure to pass as long as she has Jason, squatting naked with a dildo up his ass in her dungeon.~Denise passed the exam. In fact, she doesn’t worry about some of her forthcoming exams as well, because she’s got her slave Jason bent over in her dungeon with a huge dildo buried deep in his ass, all tied up.~Denise passed. She keeps passing now, because she had Jason sitting naked on a huge dildo in her dungeon every evening.}

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